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PlayINERA - Vanilla
« on: October 12, 2020, 02:28:05 AM »
Launch Date

October 23 & 20:00 GMT +3

Click Here to Explore the Best Low-Rate Server. -> PlayINERA | Vanilla

Join our Discord Community -> https://discord.com/invite/WD8fWf5

Core Settings
*Vanilla is Epilogue-ready! This means that the server and client can be upgraded within a matter of minutes!

XP: x4
SP: x4
Adena: x3
Drop: x2
Spoil: x3
Manor: x0.4 (60% reduction) - Festive sweeper enabled!
Recipes: x4 Drop, x2 Spoil
Key Materials: x3 Drop, x2 Spoil

Spam is not allowed Stones: x3
Herbs: x1
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16
Enchant Rate: Dynamic

General Settings

        Can be toggled
    Blue spoil disabled
        Adventurer Guide buffs are free up to level 76. Characters over level 76 can get buffs for a fee
        Buff Slots: 20 (+ 4)
        Duration: retail
    Territory Wars every two weeks on Saturday.
    Castle sieges every two weeks on Sunday
    Class Transfer
        1st Class Transfer: Available for purchase with either Adena or iCoin
        2nd Class Transfer: Available for purchase with either Adena or iCoin
        3rd Class Transfer: Quest or iCoin (the 3rd class transfer will become available for purchase with iCoin as soon as someone has entered the Hall of Fame for completing the 3rd class transfer quest for the class in question)
        Hellbound Lv. 0-6: ATOD x1
        Hellbound Lv. 7-12: ATOD x2
        Tiat & Ekimus will become available at Stage 12
        Hellbound can only be leveled up by killing monsters. No quests or raids are needed
        To open Hellbound, a party must kill Baylor in the Crystal Caverns
        The following items are now tradable:
            Ancient Tome of the Demon
            Hidden First Page
            Hidden Second Page
            Demon Contract Fragment
    INERA Hub
        Clan Recruitment System
    Milestone Rewards
        Earn rewards for reaching various daily/one-time goals
    Multi-boxing: 2 clients per PC | 3 clients for Standard pack | 4 clients for Friendship pack | 5 clients for Loner pack.
    Shift + Click Information on Monsters
    SP are required to learn new skills
    Offline shops
        Lasts for 15 days
        Olympiad period: 14 days (1st and 15th day of the month)
        3 Vs. 3 match disabled
        Class-based matches will be held over the weekend
        One registration per HWID (PC)
        Minimum participants: 9
    Party Matching System
        Earn bonuses for finding a group via the Party Matching system
    Vote Reward System
    World Chat
        Available from level 40
        Can be used once per day for non-Premium Account holders and five times per day for Premium Account holders
        World Chat Tokens can be purchased from the INERA Store or obtained by completing daily milestones

Raid Bosses

Epic Raid Boss zones will turn into a PvP zone while the Epic Raid Boss is alive ( + means Random)

    Server will start with all grand raids dead.
    Regular Raid Bosses: 12 hours (+ 2 hours)
    Lilith/Anakim: static 24-hour respawn
    Subclass raids, Respawn 10 + 2 hours
    Noblesse Barakiel 10 hours + 2 hours
    Queen Ant: 24 hours (+ 2 hours)
    Core: 40 hours (+ 2 hours)
    Orfen: 32 hours (+ 2 hours)
        Respawn: 8 Days.
        Randomly spawns at 19:00 ~ 21:00
        Respawn: 10 Days.
        Randomly spawns at 19:00 ~ 21:00
        Respawn: 5 Days.
        Randomly spawns at 21:00 ~ 23:00
        Respawn: 2 Days.
        Randomly spawns at 21:00 ~ 23:00
        Respawn: 24 hours
        Initial spawn at 06:30 server time
        Min/max players: 18/27
        Time limit: 1 hour
    Tiat: Saturday at 6:30, 18-36 players, 2 hrs max.
    Tully: 24 hours (+ 1 hour)
    Darion: 24 hours (+ 1 hour)
    Tower of Naia (Beleth): 5 days, 18 min. & 36 max.
    Instanced Zaken:
    Zaken (Day): Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30.
    Zaken (Day): 9 players, LvL 55-65, 1hr max.
    Zaken (Night): Wednesday at 6:30
    Zaken (Night): 18-45 players, LvL 55-65, 6hr max.

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