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    PREVIEW c4 x10 Stuck Sub "L2 zaken"
    « on: September 29, 2016, 07:03:59 PM »
    We invite you to our oncoming project, Stucksub server, C4 chronicle, international oriented, Opening date Oct, 14!!

    • Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny)
    • Opening date is October 14th 2016
    • Resist fire feature disabled on Necklace of Valakas
    • Multibox allowed
    •There is no kind of penalty on subclass order
    • Files L2 OFF (NO java)
    • Exp x10-Sp x10-Adena x10-Spoil x5
    • Experiene rates increased on Varka and Ketra
    • Safe enchant +3
    • Subclass system is base class +3 subclasses.
    • Monthly Olympiad
    • Medals event activated (Louie the cat)
    • Anti buff toggle
    • Offline Shop
    • Balanced classes
    • Elf mixing is possible, thus if you wish to have Overlord then you must start mandatory as one.
    • Infinity weapons on Gmshop with retail stats (Only requirement is to be Full subclasses)
    •Infinity pole has cancel disabled
    • 3rd Job skills only available on your last class, for example, if you want Arcane Power, you must choose a wizard who has this skill for your final class.
    • Third class change only available on your last class
    • Auto loot
    • Auto drop clean every 20 minutes.
    • Buffer on every town without Lvl/Sub number restriction, this is only as event and it wont be permanently, so make your buffers!
    • Subclasses are made via Grand Masters, and are class specific (If you want Delf sub then you must visit a Delf Grand Master)
    • Clan halls and Siege clan halls have special permanent buffers, they have all dances, buffs, songs and as a special feature they include CoV and PoW for wizards.
    • Expertise S set to Lvl 70
    • Noblesse via quest or 1billion adena-
    • PvP reward system
    •Max 3 clans per Alliance
    • Castle & Halls sieges working.
    • Restricted Selling zone
    • Active staff, with one international supporting GM (English), frecuent events and more!
    For further info please Follow our Fanpage and Forum! there is a special zone for english speakers on forum, with a small guide for this kind of stucksub server.

    Fanpage: Je browser bijwerken | Facebook
    Forum with english support: Forums - English Zone

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26528.0
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