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    Remorse Classic x15 - 12 July - 2019
    « on: June 20, 2019, 06:44:09 PM »

    Grand Opening: 12th of July 2019
    Website: https://l2remorse.com/
    Forum: https://l2remorse.com/forum/
    Facebook: https://l2remorse.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/nmbaVC

    [EXP] x15   [SP]  x15  [DROP]  x10  [SPOIL]  x2  [RAID BOSS DROP]  x2


     Auto pickup adena & drop from normal mobs. / Manual pickup for Raid Boss.
     Auto pick adena from normal mobs and raid bosses. 
     Safe enchant +3; Full enchant +20
     Shift + Click-on to-list droplist / spoil list for all
     Raid Bosses has retail respawn time and by hitting them you will flag automaclty (500 range)
     Events every 1 hour. (TvT, Domination, of Last Man for Standing)
     Global Gatekeeper with Alt +B
     Maximum clients one player can open : 3


    First class change - free.
    Second class change - free.
    Third class change - free.


     Buff duration : 2h (Incluided dance, song and prophecies and all 3rd class buffs.)
    Buff wich will not be in the Global Buffer ;
    Chant of Protection; Dance of Zerker; Song of Purification;

     24 buff slots (+4 divine insipration) and 12 dance and songs slots.


    GM Shop up to C-grade


    Weekly Olympiad period. New heroes every Sunday.
    Matches will be from Thursday to Saturday (3 days every week) . Matches will start from 18:00 and will end 00:00 server time. (GMT+2).
    Olympiad minimum participants in able to start matches is : 6.
    Olympiad class based matches are disabled.


     Sieges every weekend for those who love to PvP be able to have fun!.


    For have the most balanced timezones between EU , EEUU and SA we will adjust the re-spawn of ;

    Lilith / Anakim to 22.30 GMT+2 EU // 23:30 GMT+3 RU // 16:30 GMT-5 NA
    Sieges to 19:00 GMT+2 EU // 20:00 GMT+3 RU //  13:00 GMT-5 NA


    To promote PvP we have disabled all Instance Epic bosses and removed following NPC's from the game server;
    Npc Paulia (Zaken Instance)
    Npc Ateld (Baium Instance)
    Npc Fellow (Antharas Instance)

    In order to enter in normal Raid Bosses you will need following quest item ;
    To enter to Baium - Blood-stained Cloth is requiered wich will be obtained by quest or at our donation shop
    To enter Antharas you will need Portal Stone wich can be obtained for 10.000.000 adena on the in-game shop.
    To enter Frintezza/Queen Ant/Core/Orfen will no item requiered.
    To enter Zaken you will no item requiered. Door opens retail like. 00:00 in-game time.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29153.0
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