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    « on: March 04, 2019, 03:16:25 AM »

    New, spring, charged with High Five x1700 PvP drive with high starting online 3000+ waiting for its heroes

    16 MARCH at 19:00 Moscow time

    GMT +03:00

    We guarantee the balance of classes, protection against bots and DDos attacks. Guarantee no wipe for 5 months!

          Look forward to a new balanced game world for a long and exciting game. All directions of PvP are worked out in detail, from the Olympiad to daily batches on clan Reid Bosses. A fascinating gaming concept with a long-lived economy is what is missing from modern PvP projects. An experienced and responsive project team will provide you with stable daily support, updated events, a permanent advertising campaign, high-quality build, protection from DDos and third-party software.

    Some Features:
    Xp: x1700
    Sp: x1700
    Adena: x500
     Drop: x1 With Champions Blue - x18  Red - x35 Boss: 2x
    Spoil: x5
     Quest Reward: x2, на некоторые квесты х5
     Quest Items: x5
    Epaulettes: x15
    RaidBoss: х2
    Enchant Rate: 70%
    Divine Scroll Enchant: 100%
    Safe Enchant: +6
    +20 Weapon Max Enchant
    +16 Armor Max Enchant
    +16 Jewels Max Enchant
    Attribution Stones 70%, 50% crystals.
    Buffs: 1 hours


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