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    Server open 15 July. Donate through Paypal.  Link - Just a moment please...
    Important notes:
    1. Server with multiprofessional, so you should not be afraid of the rates x1. With a competent study of the skills of other professions and pharmacy, pumping a character to level 80 will take you a couple of days!
    2. Significant rise in prices for donate, in order to exclude the full Persians for several thousand rubles.
         This step will reduce the number of donators and improve the balance in development, between the "poor" and "rich"

    Exp: х1
    SP: х0.3
    Drop: х1
    Spoil: х2
    Adena: х0.5
    Spam is not allowed Stone: х1
    Quest Drop: х1
    Quest Reward: х1
    Raid Boss Drop: х2
    Epic Boss Drop: х1
    Rank of clan reputation: х2
    Rating of the cost of skills when studying: х5
    The server has a Premium Account. Rates with the PA:
    Exp: х2
    SP: х0.6
    Drop: х2
    Spoil: х4
    Adena: х1
    Spam is not allowed Stone: х2
    Quest Drop: х1.5
    Quest Reward: х1
    Raid Boss Drop: х4
    Epic Boss Drop: х1
    Rank of clan reputation: х2
    Rating of the cost of skills when studying: х5
    Also the premium account gives + 3% to the chance of enchant and 5% to the chance of crafting.


    Automatic learning skills of their profession.
    Automatic selection of loot (drop). (If you want, you can turn it off in .menu)
    Ability to lock experience in .menu
    Free study of all 3 professions from NPCs.
    Details of drop \ spoils from monsters: shift + click.
    The limit of weight carried by the characters is increased 10 times from the base one.
    Each character is added a skill Lucky (the basis of the Balance in PvP on our server: cuts the damage taken in certain proportions: eliminates two-kvadrvye PvP.)
    At the start you appear in the initial locations, in the top NG outfit !.
    The Global GateKeeper is only available in front of the Giran Church.
    The number of slots for a buff is unlimited.
    The duration of all buffs, including limits, is 60 minutes.
    There are Mana Potions.
    Quests for Sub-class and Noblesse in full! (Lunargent, HellFire Oil, Red Pipette Knife (red knife for Saba) - sold in the GM shop.)
    Items with quests Gather_the_Flames, Relics_of_the_Old_Empire, Battle_against_Ketra_Orcs and Battle_against_Varka_Silenos are transferred. This is done to improve the economy and simplify pharma solo players.

    b512b0a1179e.pngBuffer and GM-Shop:
    Buffer has 2 profiles: Warrior (13 buffs) and Mage (13 buffs). - Includes such buffs as Might, Shield, Empower, Haste, etc., without the skills of third professions, cat / horse, song / dance. (All these skills can be learned by the character of any profession for SP and to be bullied himself.)
    Time buffs from the NPC - 60 minutes (from the players any buffs, including dens / songs - 60 minutes)
    Buffer - free, up to level 80;
    Buffer is located in all cities;
    GM-SHOP with equipment up to C grade and all necessary consumables.

    3a70f5d48943.pngRaid Bosses:
    Response of all conventional RB - 3 hours + 60 minutes of random time.
    There is no announcement about res;
    Important RB server: - Raid Stone is added to the drop (amount 1, 100% chance, PA is not affected);
                                         - TOP LS 76 lvl (amount 1, 100% chance; PA is not affected);
    Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
    Death Lord Hallate
    Longhorn Golkonda
    Flame of Splendor Barakiel
    Varka’s Hero Shadith (4 уровень альянса с Ketra Orcs)
    Varka’s Commander Mos (5 уровень альянса с Ketra Orcs)
    Ketra’s Hero Hekaton (4 уровень альянса с Varka Silenos)
    Ketra Commander Tayr (5 уровень альянса с Varka Silenos)
    Beast Lord Behemoth (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Roaring Skylancer (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Meanas Anor (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Eilhalder von Hellmann (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Crokian Padisha Sobekk (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Antharas Priest Cloe (Для прокачки SA 11,12 lvl)
    Ember (Для прокачки SA 13 lvl)
    All specified RB are announced in the chat at respawn!

    9453446c257c.pngEpic Bosses:
    At the start all the epic bosses are alive! All epic bosses are strengthened!

    The state of any Epic, you can check with a special NPC in Giran (alive or dead)
    Queen Ant (40 lvl): 24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Core (50 lvl):          24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Orfen (50 lvl):         24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Zaken (60 lvl):        24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Baium (75 lvl):        36 hours + 1 hour of random time. ( The quest item on the pass is sold in GM Shop )
    Antharas (79 lvl):    36 hours + 1 hour of random time.( The quest item on the pass is sold in GM Shop)
    Valakas (85 lvl):      36 hours + 1 hour of random time. ( The quest item on the pass is sold in GM Shop)
    Frintezza (85 lvl):    24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    The time of the release of Antharas, since entering the den: 10 minutes
    The time of the release of Valakas, since entering the den: 10 minutes

    Important information:
    With the epics removed drop S grade, Adena!
    Chance of dropping any epic costume jewelry - 100%
    Epic Stone has been added to all epic drops (amount 5, 100% chance, no effect). - an important item for the upgrade of ammunition.
    Also on the server there is a reinforced epic costume jewelry (Blessed)
    1 Blessed Epic Costume Jewelry = 5 Normal (Example 1 Blessed Ring of Queen Ant)
    Stats, which gives a reinforced epic costume jewelry, in addition to the standard:

    Necklace of Valakas - 50% P.Atac\M.Atac
    Necklace of Frintezza - 30% P.Atac\M.Atac
    Earring of Antharas - 40% P.Def\M.Def
    Earring of Zaken - 30% P.Def\M.Def
    Earring of Orfen - 15% P.Def\M.Def
    Ring of Baium - 20% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed
    Ring Of Queen Ant - 10% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed
    Ring of Core - 5% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed


    Safe Enchant of weapons, armor, jewerly +3;
    The chance of successful enchanting of weapons, armor, costume jewelry over +3 = 60%
    Maximum enchanting of weapons, armor, costume jewelery +25;

    25a8461c6867.pngInformation about skills, clans:
    Light Armor Mastery skills have been changed (Atk, Speed and Cast. Speed are slightly reduced)
    Weapon Mastery from the Warrior, will also increase the magical attack, when studied by magicians.
    Totems from the tyrant work with any kind of weapon;
    Light Armor Mastery work with all types of armor;
    Magican MoveMent and SpellCraft do not cut stats;
    Limits (Frenzy, Angelic Icon, Zealot) give an increase to different types of weapons for off. (Exception - increased Frenzy skill bonus to Bows)
    A simultaneous combination of Guts + Frenzy is possible (War Cry + Rage replaces each other!)
    Skills Body of Avatar, Blessed Body, Battle Roar now increases HP by 100% (off 35%);
    Sonic and Force do not require charging and consumables; Work with all types of weapons;
    Any weapon with SA "Acumen" in addition to the standard 15% of the casting speed, also gives 30% to max HP;
    Increased rollback of all celestials;
    Changed the sharpening of 4 skills (Might, Empower, Shield, Magic Barrier) Now sharpening skill data will increase the parameter by 1% for each level);
    An excellent balance between wizards and warriors, both in the farming of the Republic of Bashkortostan and in PvP, due to a change in the statutes of the Republic of Belarus in certain proportions, and the skill Lucky (corrects the damage taken in PvP using a special formula).
    ·        When you create the Clan - immediately 5 level;
    ·         Penalty for exit / expulsion from the clan \ alliance - 4 hours;
    ·        Clan War can be declared from the 5th level of the clan! (The minimum number of members is 5);
    ·        The price of the 6th level of the clan is 5000 crp (10+ members);
    ·        The price of the 7th level of the clan is 10,000 crp (20+ members);
    ·         The price of the 8th level of the clan is 20,000 crp (30+ members);
    ·        Increased the maximum number of clan members - up to 90;
    ·         Increased the limit of slots in Royal Guard - up to 30;
    ·         Increased the limit of slots for academics - up to 30;
    ·         Team to call clan Clan Leader .summon_clan

    29eab62f86ce.pngAdditions (Armor, tattoo, farm zone, etc.)
    6 levels of tattoo for mages and warriors; Level 7 is the maximum and common for all.
    Various masks with small stats;
    2 new, beautiful sets of armor;
    Reinforced epic costume jewelry;
    All things go game way! (The system for extracting top things has been completely revised).
    Varka \ Ketra - farm Red Stone (1% chance, amount - 1)
    MOS - Blue Stone Farm (5% chance, number - 1)
    Hot Springs - Farm Green Stone (20% chance, number - 1)

    Chance to get a skill from the argument: Top Life Stone - 9%, High Life Stone - 7%, Middle Life Stone - 1%
    Active and Passive Empower \ Might \ Duel Might \ Shield \ Magic Barrier skills give + 15% to the corresponding stat. (All other skills are offlike)
    The duration of all active buffs with Life Stone is increased to 20 minutes!
    It is possible to impose at the same time several skills from drugs to a character;
    You can get a Top-Grade Life Stone by killing Tyrannosaurs and special RBs (see the Raid Bosses section).

    8ff8cccb6191.pngOlympiad, PvP, PK:

    Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 00:00 Moscow time. (GMT+3)
    Period of the Olympiad: 2 weeks.
    To start out-of-class competitions you need only 5 players!
    Protection from the Gulf (by IP, HWID)
    The limit of the number of PK, after which a drop of things is possible: 30
    Chance of drop of ammunition / jewelry: 10%!
    Chance of drop of other items: 40%!
    The maximum possible number of items knocked out at death PK: 3
    With PK players it is possible to knock out any items except Adena and COL!
    Chance of drop weapon: 3%

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27542.0

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