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    GRAND OPENING FROM - 19/11/2021, 20:00 +3 GMT !

    https://risen-worlds.ru/en.html - Project Multiskill on High Five chronicles. The server is based on - Stable core, AI, TCP scripts, high-quality geo-engine.

    We are ready to share new ideas and developments with you. A server for those who are tired of the same type of servers copying each other. Here you can learn not only the skills of other classes, but also the effects of any equipment, the skills of Raid and Epic bosses. A gradual development of the project with interesting author's additions awaits you.

    Basic information
    Server: Moon x8 Multiskill
    Chronicle: High Five
    Difficulty: All mobs, RB, Epic RB are reinforced.
    EXP, SP - x8
    Adena - x6
    Drop - x8
    Spoil - x6
    The maximum amount of drops, spoils for Recipes - cannot be more х1.
    Raid Boss - all rates х1
    Epic Boss - all rates х1
    Game features:
    All set types of armor, starting with D Grade, have been removed from the sale. All sets can only be crafted, obtained by a drop, a quest.
    There is no drop or spoil penalty. You can get drops from mobs and RBs of level 20 being 80 lvl.
    The ability to upgrade the Dynasty of Sets has been removed. Only standard sets not bound to classes are available.
    Removed crafting Masterwork equipment.
    Crafting resources from the blacksmith does not require any recipes
    Increased the drop rate of grade C recipes.
    In the shop of elite goods, you can buy CA from 5 to 13 levels.
    The number of available game windows from one PC is 3 windows. A character on offline trade is NOT considered a loaded window
    Price for 1 professional 50.000 Aden. Price 2 - 300.000 Aden. Price 3 - 10.000.000 Aden.
    Sub class without a quest. The cost of obtaining a sub class is 50.000.000 Aden.
    Noobles full quest.
    Global chat (!) Is available from level 20
    In-game database in Alt + b
    Changed base races stats:
    All fighter - INT>22, STR>41, CON>43, MEN>25, DEX>32, WIT>13
    All mage -INT>40, STR>22, CON>33, MEN>39, DEX>21, WIT>20
    Collecting weapons
    Enchant Chance
    Chance to enchant D grade items higher by +20%, C Grade +15%, B Grade +10%
    Armor and Jewelry:
    Before +7 = 60%, with +6 = 35%
    Before +8 = 60%, withС +7 = 35%
    Max enchant +20

    Raid Boss
    All bosses are strengthened according to a special formul.
    Respawn time for all regular RBs: 1-2 hours.
    There is no level difference penalty.
    Added to the drop RB Raidboss Blood Clot and Special Injectors
    With Injectors, you can get some boss skills.
    Epic Bosses
    Characters have the opportunity to learn the skills of Epic Bosses.
    All grand bosses have been boosted.
    All grand bosses are level 80.
    orfen.png Orfen Respawn 9-10 hours ( epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    core.png Core Respawn 9-10 hours( epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    aq.png Queen Ant Respawn 9-10 hours (epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    antharas.png Antharas Respawn 19-22 hours (epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    baium.png Baium Respawn 19-22 hours (epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    valakas.png Valakas Respawn 19-22 hours (epic jevel drop chance 30%).
    Accessary dynasty ring i00 0.jpg Beleth - Respawn 19-22 hour
    zaken.png Freya - Standart
    frintezza.png Frintezza - Standart
    zaken.png Zaken - Standart
    Skill setting
    Duration of all main buffs imposed by characters = 10 hours.
    All songs, dances, auras and chance skills have been moved to passives.
    Removed Cansel skills.
    The maximum number of positive effects applied to a character: unlimited.
    A combination of Guts + Frenzy & Rage + War Cry is possible.
    Removed all restrictions on weapons. All buffs, limits work with any weapon.
    Robe Armor, Light Armor, Heavy Armor Mastery work with all types of armor.
    All immortality skills have a CD of 30 minutes.
    All types of reflective skills have been cut 3 times.
    Skills like Vampiric Rage have been cut down a bit.
    List of Buffs with standard usage time: Later.
    Characteristic limits and restrictions
    Additionally, about the limit on the casting speed. Upon reaching a cast above 2400, the Lineage 2 client stops displaying a full-fledged animation of skills. In this regard, the limit is set - 2399. A special skill is available for all characters cast conversion (6 levels) With it you can convert excess caste to Mage. Attack, rollback of skills and the power of magic skills.
    Important! Casting speed limitations are compensated by the power of magical skills.
    Max HP: ∞
    Max MP: ∞
    Max CP: ∞
    Limit Phys. Attacks: ∞
    Mage Attack Limit: ∞
    Limit Phys. Protection: ∞
    Mage Defense Limit: ∞
    Crit Damage Limit: ∞
    Accuracy Limit: ∞
    Limit Speed P. Attacks: 4999
    Mage Attack Speed Limit: 2400
    Run Speed Limit: 450
    Evasion Limit: 500
    Limit Phys. Crit chance: 50%
    Mage Chance Crit Limit: 20%

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=30067.0