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Insanity Clan Recruit.
« on: September 01, 2013, 06:22:37 PM »
Hello Topzone Users.
My name is Spiros and i am from Greece.
I am 22 y/o and i speak English and Greeks.
After 1 year out of Lineage 2(As Player)I decide with 3 friends to start a Clan Community and join one server and have some fun.
For now we test some servers but we didn't find something serious(We search for pvp servers cauz of low members)
That's why we dicide to start this Clan Community.
We like PvP and Pve Servers too but only 3,4 guys we can't start on any mid rate server cauz or plan to build a good clan to start on any Pve server is to have some classes.
For example.
2.Storm Screamer
4.Dwarf (for craft/spoil)
6.Support Classes like Hierophant,SS,BD,Evas Saint,Domi and Warcryer.

We start a free forum to find some clan members and to make some conversations and have some fun there!
You can Find our forum here: Insanity Clan Forum
Also we start a FB Page for our Clan.
You can Find our FB Page here: Insanity Clan FB Page

Also you can add me on Skype if you want more informations on id : xleleqx


Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=14804.0

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