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    [LFclan] Pro High-Rate Player Lf H5 Clan(Not Higher Than H5)
    « on: September 03, 2014, 02:52:40 AM »
    Hello dear people! My name is Madalin,i`m from Romania(gmt+2) and i`m playing this game for 9years~ .I`ve played mostly Interlude,but i also played everytime i could on H5 servers(for 3-4years i play with LostFighters clan on Interlude and only when we didnt had server for fraps we took breaks from playing),learning all skills,buffs,tactics,items etc,which is why now i decided to move for a while,ofc,if i find a good clan to play with on H5.
    Looking for High rate playing clans only !

    To avoid different questions from clan leaders that will reply me,i will tell you that i have 3y+ experience on support classes,such as pala/cardi/wl that i made playing with LostFighters and ofc,i`ve played also solo pvp/oly classes such as saggi/gs/nukers/tyrant and i can play them anytime with no problem.I know the follow/assist game too well,covering the cardinals moves,avoid getting in sandwitch(a.k.a backstab),etc.I dont want to talk too much about me even if i know what is my level of knowledge so i ask you to search on youtube for "LostFighters"(ofc i`m not in every video,but i appear as pqTeSTpq/AshesOfAncestors) to see if i got the proper qualities that you,dear clan leaders,are expecting from a future member.Hope you will enjoy the video and you will decide to contact me!
    Now,let`s talk a bit about my expectations.I don`t wanna sound cocky,but in return i`m expecting proper clan,with 1cp+ ALWAYS on,mature members(not kiddos who only know how to swear),experienced(who know how to play assist/follow/getting out of sandwitch),nice atmosphere,RANDOM CLANS EXCLUDED! please.I will ask you videos/i will play with you and i can easely see if you have the qualities that i mentioned here or you just play like randoms.I dont wanna loose time for nothing,neither to be put in the situation to refuse other clans,potentially better to dicover that you are actually a fail clan.As i wrote here 100%true infos and i was honest,i expect same thing from you leaders! Please dont reply anything because i cant check daily this post,and also lots of people make lots of posts here and it will be hard to look for my post lets say 1week from now,so just add me on skype and that`s where we gonna talk,ONLY ON SKYPE!
    Skype : pi2de.2010
    Best regards to all !

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