Author Topic: LostFighters high-rate clan Recruting !  (Read 984 times)

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    LostFighters high-rate clan Recruting !
    « on: February 01, 2014, 10:21:11 AM »

    Hello everyone !  I'm Madalin (my real name),i'm from Romania and i have the pleasure to announce that "LostFighters" have opened the recruitments! We are a nice family,ready to expand our family number. About us,this clan has many years since was found,all of us know each other very good,we are one of the best(i can't say we are the best because haterz will imediately reply:naabz,zergs,etc meany words),our videos talks,we play mostly pvp servers INTERLUDE ONLY and if you've played on servers where u met AppatyEffect,KiDnappiNg,HighQualitySquad and etc definetly you know us.We are a mixt international clan,very powerful,active and full of pro members...I dont expect you to belive my word,but i count you will join us and check our pvp style.And now,lets see what i expect from you guys:we are looking for serious members,not trollers :D ,people who got experience in L2 for more than 4-5years(thrue this i mean we need members who know how to move in mass pvp,how to play assist/follow on MA),people who know to play on different classes,but prioritary are :Warlord/pala/overlord/archer/cardi then olympiad classes...We use raidcall always in mass pvp,so there wont be any problem of communication during pvp.We invite you on our forum to check our graphic files(videos/wallpapers) and convince yourself that what i told you isn't lie.If you got serious intentions,create account and after that,go on "Recruit" section and make a post.You got there an exmple of how the application should look.We wait you with open arms to join our family, and why not,if we enlarge our number enought,we can conquer mid rate servers E-Z(Easy).Our "motto" is -quality not quantity- ...i think i said enought thrue this ;)

    Forum :

    If you got problems with the forum or other things and u need an advice,contact me at pi2de.2010 skype account. Best wishes, pqTeSTpq !

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