Author Topic: [Guide] Make Your Own PK Killer (Easy Way)  (Read 5948 times)

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[Guide] Make Your Own PK Killer (Easy Way)
« on: January 25, 2010, 09:27:39 AM »
An Easy way you could make a pk killer is.....
1 st Spawn any guard you like example Jenna(Dark elf guard) or Vesa(Human Guard). i Chose jenna :P
2 target your guard and klick Shift+click on the guard.
3 Click Edit Npc....here you will see a list of your guards stats.
4 start editting.... you can See now hes/her name (e.g Jenna).
5 Wright What ever u want for name and klick Set. (e.g Pk-Killer)
6 on Server side name type "1" without and click set.
7 wright a title....and set...on server side title type "1".
8 on Hp chose how much hp you want your guard have (e.g 26000) and set.
9 on p.atk type how much you want (e.g 28000) and set.
10 put the p.def u want (e.g 16000) -set.
11 put the m.def u want (e.g 16000) -set.
12 p.atk spd type 999 -set.
13 agro put about 9-14 k-set
14 Run spd. about 500.....

now... if you wanna change weapon find the weapon Id you want (e.g Shining Bow--ID :6368) now if you see the guard has Lhand and R hand (left hand Right hand) on R hand type the id of the weapon u want (e.g 6368) click set.
Now restart your Server and.... your guard is ready.... if you wanna spawn more guards just type //spawn name u putted.

Hope i helped a bit :D cya....
Credit: orafaelo

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=421.0

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