Author Topic: [Guide] How To Make A Server With No-IP  (Read 11406 times)

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[Guide] How To Make A Server With No-IP
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:08:11 AM »
There are two choises to make a server online....First is to use Static IP,the other is to use No-IP....(No-IP is free Cheesy)


1)L2FILEEDIT----> Download here: http://is not allowed.com/files/80901555/FileEditC6.rar
2)You will need an account in http://www.msn.com or anywhere else to receive e-mail confirmation


1)Go in this webpage--> http://www.no-ip.com
2)Press Sign Up Now!
3)Write in all fields your characteristics(Don't put wrong e-mail or fake)
4)In the end press I agree
5)Confirm your e-mail
6)In the list Hosts/Redirects press Add
7)Put carefully your name of your NO-IP in the first field(Don't change the Host Type,Let it In DNS HOST (A)
8)Then choose your direction example:no-ip.biz or whatever you like from those(Example:MyServer.no-ip.biz)
9)In the field IP ADRESS put your IP...You can find it here http://www.whatismyip.com(Copy paste the number)
10)Then leave the other fields blank and press create Host...
11)Open again the webpage http://www.no-ip.com....and go to downloads Section
12)Then Select your operating system(Windows,linux,etc)
13)Just press download
14)Then go to your Server file example:MyServer/gameserver/config and open the server file...
15)Put your no-ip into this line ExternalHostname=myserver.no-ip.biz<----example
16)Put again your No-IP in InternalHostname=myserver.no-ip.biz<---example
17)Just search into the file server and find this line,after you find place your no-ip again
18)Then press save(Just Save the file)and close it...
19)Then go to your server file example:MyServer/login/config/and open loginserver file...
20)Find this line and put your-no-ip again ExternalHostname=myserver.no-ip.biz<----
21)Do the same thing for this line in the same file
InternalHostname=myserver.no-ip.biz<----example...Then save and close..

22)Open the L2FILEEDIT and press Open and Decrypt
23)Open the file l2.ini from your system...
25)Press save and encrypt..
26)In the bottom line save as,save it as ini file
27)Then press save...
28)Save it as version 413(Don't put 414 or else)
29)After you downloaded DUC No-IP.Press one click to check the small window and wait the sun to smile..

That was the guide for no-ip
Before Running your server,open the duc No-ip programme and leave it open as you play....
Then normally run start.bat,startgameserver.bat and startlogin.bat and you're done Wink...

Here is a video made by h3xx from ragezone : http://is not allowed.com/files/33103124/_Guide__How_to_make_no-ip_host_for_L2_Server.rar

(Only problem the guy who made the guide forgot the step 16)

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=520.0

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