Author Topic: [Guide]How To Add More Items On Shop!  (Read 7878 times)

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[Guide]How To Add More Items On Shop!
« on: April 10, 2011, 01:22:57 PM »

Hello L2TopZone Members

We go Into The Game On Shop/Other Items!!
For Now I Have Only Blessed Scrolls For "D" Armors!!!!!

Let's Add More Thinks!
We find From HTML's(codes) The Multisell!
E.g : path , L2jEclipse/GameServer/Data/Html/merchant/7100!

Now go to the corresponding Multisell!
E.g : Path, L2jEclipse/GameServer/Data/multisell/505054!
Open The Multisell Via notepad!!
There i Can See Only The D Grade Blessed(Armor) Scroll!

Now Let's See the Codes! And Then Let's Add More Scrolls!!
On Multisell We Have This
Code: [Select]
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>


  <!-- Blessed Enchant D grade Armor Scroll -->
  <item id="1">
    <ingredient id="57" count="500000000"/>
    <production id="6576" count="1"/>


If You Want To Add More Items You Have To Do The Same Think...What I Mean?
Code: [Select]
 <!-- Blessed Enchant D grade Weapon Scroll -->
  <item id="2">
    <ingredient id="57" count="500000000"/>
    <production id="6575" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant B grade Armor Scroll -->
  <item id="3">
    <ingredient id="57" count="500000000"/>
    <production id="6572" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant B grade Weapon Scroll -->
  <item id="4">
    <ingredient id="57" count="500000000"/>
    <production id="6571" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant A grade Armor Scroll -->
  <item id="5">
    <ingredient id="57" count="1000000000"/>
    <production id="6570" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant A grade Weapon Scroll -->
  <item id="6">
    <ingredient id="57" count="1000000000"/>
    <production id="6569" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant S grade Armor Scroll -->
  <item id="7">
    <ingredient id="57" count="1200000000"/>
    <production id="6578" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blessed Enchant S grade Weapon Scroll -->
  <item id="8">
    <ingredient id="57" count="1200000000"/>
    <production id="6577" count="1"/>
First Of All DELETE The "[/ list]"
and and start writing The same Codes With different "item id",ingredient id,production id,and if you want "Count's"
For One New Developer is the simplest way To Add More Items On Shop!Copy Paste And Some Changes!!
Now we have finished coding!!!

Save,Reload Multisell And Check Your Shop!!!

if I have something wrong in my dialect,sorry I'm just not quite the English dialect!!!

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=2863.0

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