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[GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor
« on: February 23, 2010, 03:04:02 AM »

===================================Make Your Own Weapons============================
VIDEO GUIDE ADDED:MakeYourOwnTextures-Video_By_Legollas
Hello guys...I have the idea to post this guide because some people have got problem..So lets start.
1st.You need this programs http://is not

2.Open program l2utxfixerct2 press Load UTX File and Select what utx you want..I choose LineageWeaponsTex.utx.Then you got this UTX.

3.After open UTPT and press File-->Open-->LineageWeaponsTex-fixed.utx
After you see this Ok select what weapon you want and after
press right click after Extract As Image-->First MipMap TGA 
..Ok we need to extract the file _sp and _wp_ori

Ok then lets go edit it..:D  PS:Open file UTPT(Configuration Settings) and choose the path that you want to save this images ExtractDirectory=Path_You_Want..And after before save TGA files from UTPT press Open-->Options-->Extracting..(And then select the path that you write before.)

4.Now open  both of images with photoshop..I am not go on to saw you how to edit your textures..This you do it by yourself..But when you edit the picture _sp save it as TGA..Then open the edit _sp_file and Look:

And save both of this pictures as TGA..

5.Let's make it UTX..:D..Ok now..Open UnrealEditor2 and press File-->New

PS:Dont CLOSE this window we are going to use it..

Ok now..At the other window press File-->Import and chosse the TGA files that we edit..

Then Look this picture and after press OK ALL..
Now open again the other window...And
After .
After click File-->Save-->Local Disk(c:)

6.Almost Finish..Now...Download this file.http://is not
After extract it in desktop.Put in the desktop the utx that we make...Press right click in enc and press edit....After double left click in enc and you get this.
.After delete the first on not the file that we decrypt it..After the enc file drag it in l2decrypt and must to show you THIS...!!
..Ok now rename it with the name that you choose in UnrealEditor..

7.Final Step..Open your weapongrp with File Edit(Here a FileEdit for Gracia http://is not after find the id of your weapon that you ediy and in this line for example LineageWeaponsTex.pig_candy_t00_wp put the name that you use at UnrealEditor..Do the same and for the other line..Save it at 413..

PS:Τhis guide is by me,so keep it clean.
Credits to Legollas®,CriticalError(My Teacher..:D)

===============================Make Your Own Armor==================================
Hello Guys..Today i show how to make your own armor with textures..So lets start..First you need this files
So..I make black draconic for example..Ps:You have to extract b(boots),g(gloves),l(low body),u(up body) files and F=female and M=male for those that don't what this mean..So now open UTPT and mmfighter utx..I saw you for example at male fighter..
So,now we have to extract files.For draconic upbody is
Code: [Select]
dropitems.drop_MFighter_m011_t89_u_m00,for gloves
Code: [Select]
dropitems.drop_MFighter_m011_t89_g_m00,for boots
Code: [Select]
dropitems.drop_MFighter_m011_t89_b_m00 and for helmet isn't somethink difficult..This
Code: [Select]
dropitems.drop_sack_m00..Now we extract both sides of armor i mean sp and ori as TGA...Same at low body too..Now lets extract g files.Again the same guys. ..And finally same at boots too...Ok now lets edit it at photoshop..I am not going to show you how to paint..This you have to do it by yourself..But take a picture...You have to paint also sp and ori files with the same have to save all files from photoshop as TGA and with name
Code: [Select]
mfighter_t89_b_sp.This is only a example how to save files fro photoshop..Same with other if file is ori you save it
Code: [Select]
mfighter_t89_b_oriNothink special.Ok guys after editing let's go now to make our UTX for our armor..Open Unreal then New choose what name whant to put at your armor..For example ..To remember better names you have to write it at a TXT..Now see how put names at unreal.1. for gloves,2. for boots,3. for low body and 4. for upbody..Now import TGA files as DXT3 and then press OK ALL.Now take a look how you have to do it .Now make the same with the other files too..When you finish this press File->Save->At Local Disk.Now our UTX is done..Lets go decrypt it.Now right click at enc then edit and right there the name that you choose for UTX.For example
Code: [Select]
BlackArmor.utx.Then close it and save it..After double click on it..And you see this ..Now delete the old one UTX and rename this UTX
Code: [Select]
enc-BlackArmor.utx at
Code: [Select]
BlackArmor.utx..Now almost finish..To see your armor lets make some lines from Dat files.
Code: [Select]
This is the original line for draconic armor..The only lines you have to change for mfigter are
Code: [Select]
mfighter.mfighter_m011_t89_u for BlackArmor.mfighter_t89_u and you are ok.Now also change this lines
Code: [Select]
"mfighter.mfighter_m011_t89_u|MFighter.MFighter_m011_t89_l"..Again with the name that you choose from Unreal..For example. BlackAarmor.m_fighter_t89_l and BlackAarmor.m_fighter_t89_u..Now the same for boots and gloves...ATTENTION we change only the lines
Code: [Select]
"mfighter.mfighter_m011_t89_u|MFighter.MFighter_m011_t89_l" and not this
Code: [Select]
"Fighter.MFighter_m011_u|Fighter.MFighter_m011_l"..Save it as 413 and you are ok..
Lets see a preview now..And VOILLAAA.

Hope you like it guys..

PS2:About any question report here..Ty..

Credits to † Legollas †..


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    Re: [GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor
    « Reply #1 on: April 07, 2010, 01:01:59 AM »
    Thnx For Our Guide


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      Re: [GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor
      « Reply #2 on: July 22, 2010, 05:02:58 AM »
      very very cool  ;)


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        Re: [GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor
        « Reply #3 on: July 22, 2010, 07:04:37 AM »
        c/p apo mxc. lol!!


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          Re: [GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor
          « Reply #4 on: February 19, 2011, 03:01:52 PM »
          very Good Guide And Intresting Guide Good Job

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