Author Topic: [Guide]Unreal Model Viewer (How Get Textures from Package) [UTX,UKX]  (Read 4937 times)

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Hello to all, well long time not making post I decided make this guide for see how work this program because many ppl don't understand how it work.

1º Ok first we need get this program can get Here

2º Put in the Folder C:\umodel like this.

3º Ok now we create a new file txt and inside put this command.  umodel -export -all icon.utx

4º When we write it in txt you need save it but withextention .bat for make file executable.

4º Ok now we need copy file want extract in folder C:\umolde (example: I use icon.utx)

5º When we have done it just execute .bat file and we need wait for finish process.

Active Process

Process Done.

Credits for the guide is for me and tool very thanks for Master Gildor.

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-guides/6/guideunreal-model-viewer-textures-package-utx-ukx/4575/

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