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    Simple steps for a success
    « on: September 05, 2011, 08:00:53 PM »
    Hello Topzone
     I will talk about the steps for a success lineage 2 server.
     Everyone is joining a server, after 2 days he leave.. ( And witch is the fault? )

    Okay... I am starting

     1 step - Starting a server: One server need to be stable without lags. Most of the hosters watch porno or play games.. That's why the server must be dedicated..

     2 step - Staff: The staff is really important to chose! The server must have no corruption. They must be expirenced and serious about their work!

     3 step - Client: The client can be Interlude,freya,h5.. Gracia,Hellbound,Kamael are unplayable.. Now i will write one diagram for people wich they choose.

     Players Diagram:

     Interlude| Freya |High Five
     30% 55% 15%

     But the freya got one problem in the kamaels... so the developer need to fix it.

     4 step - rates: Now the people don't have time for low rates, because they go to work, school, trainings and other. So rates like 100,500,1000 are more playable than 5,10x.

     5 step - enchant: People don't like to be bored in first 2 days.. So safe/max enchant will be good if they are retail. The chance can be 60/75 normal/bless!

     6 step - Attributes: Most of the servers are pretty unbalanced and people start to leave... so for good balance the attributes can be removed or max level to be 4.

     7 step - Farming: The farming must be hard or normal because like i said the people will be bored in first 2 days!

     8 step - Olympiad: Olympiad is not much of a problem you can do it 1 week or 2 , 1 mount if you want ; )....

     9 step - Items: 80 % people don't like custom | 20 % Like.. The reason they don't like is because the classes are unplayable and they can kill you with one hit and you will be like "Jezzzzzz i ****ing leave this server (bull****!)"

     10 last step - Adversting: You can share you server with the community and you will see more players in you server .

     Adversting websites that i preffer..

    Hopzone: the most usable website.
    Topzone: One big website.
    Gamesites200: Good website for servers.
    MaxCheaters: Forum with good comunity.

     Okay so i hope i helped you.
     Have a nice day!

     Written by DesignNetwork

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=4068.0

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