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    [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
    « on: November 23, 2012, 05:38:17 PM »

    Svn: Here
    Timeline: Here
    Compiled Version V4: Here

    Our Target
    Our goal is to provide a stable custom pack , with less bugs possible since the ones that exist now (l2jfrozen) have many errors.

    How can i help?
    Easy, just register in our forum download our pack and test it.Then report any errors and bugs.We accept patches made by members too.By helping that way you can even be a part of l2jhellas team.Also you can suggest ideas or share mods that you would like to be inserted into the source.

    Code: [Select]
    PvP/PK Color System
    Pvp PK Custom Title
    Custom PVP/PK settings
    Faction Good vs Evil
    Stuck Subs mod
    Server Automation
    PvP Rank
    Voiced Commands: .online,.res,.cl,.version,.deposit.withdraw,.stat,.tvtjoin.tvtinfo.tvtleave,.pmoff,.tradeoff
    Custom Starting LvL
    Hero Custom Item
    Donator Color Name & Title 
    Welcome Text for donator
    Away System
    Class Balancer
    Premium Accounts
    Scheme Buffer
    Clan Leader name
    Alternative Enchant
    Alternative Spawn
    Grandbosses Configs
    Events: HitMan,Dm,TvT,Ctf,Vip To come: Base War, Raid engine
    Roll Dice
    Item Pet
    Hero Voice
    Global Chat
    Server Bypass
    Server Bypass - Multisell
    Destroy Item

    The list goes on and on just join our forum and test the pack we will be happy to hear you suggestions and or bug reports!!!!!


    From 21/11/12 and later updates won't be posted in this topic but you can check them out in our timeline!


    Code: [Select]
    Premium Accounts.
    New server Packets ExBrPremiumState and PremiumState.

    Formated Handlers and some other classes translated some classes from Spanish and typos. oO
    Libraries updated.

    Classpath's for new libraries and update the necessary files for them.
    Config's updated new admin commands,premium rates,custom stuff, typos.
    GameServerRegister.java typos.

    Premium Menu in admin panel.
    Default admin User with admin password.
    Custom Npc Manager.
    Reload Menu in admin panel.
    Server Menu updates.
    And other smaller fixes.
    Remember to update your Database, excecute the sql/game/updates/2011012.sql file.
    L2jHellas Team.

    Balancer Added


    Code: [Select]
    Build.xml cleanup/updates.
    Organizing Licenses.
    Moving svnversion files in SvnVersion folder.
    Doc folder updated.
    Removing unused sql folder from Core.
    Deleting sql's from DataPack.
    DP Build.xml cleanup/updates.
    Adding new sql system and builder.
    Updates for tool folder.
    Deleting some tool sql's for the next update.
    "Leave buffs on die" added in L2JHellas.ini
    Format for classes PlayableStatus.java, PL2PlayableInstance.java and Config.java
    Adding Rank PvP System 1/2
    Some small fixes in build.xml
    Some visual fixes in Configs.
    Format in Classes: GameServer.java, CommunityBoard.java, VoicedCommandHandler.java, L2PcInstance.java, RequestBypassToServer.java, RequestPledgeCrest.java and PledgeCrest.java
    Adding Utils DDSConverter.java and L2Properties.java
    Adding ExternalConfig.java for other custom settings.
    Classpaths update.


    Code: [Select]
    Formated Config.java
    Changed all .properties to .ini
    Organized L2jHellas configs
    fixed RegisterGameserver.bat


    Code: [Select]
    1)Fixed ant builder to give the necessary gonfig files to loginserver
    2)Updated the version files
    3)Added missing sql files both in sql folder and database installer

    Thanks to everyone! i hope you have a great day!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=10555.0
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      • just 1 life,enjoy :P
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      Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
      « Reply #2 on: August 19, 2013, 03:52:44 PM »
      i want test that ,can u help me to instal it ?


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        Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
        « Reply #3 on: August 28, 2016, 09:22:21 PM »
        Pack is online again :D visit our forum: https://l2jhellas.info/
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          Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
          « Reply #4 on: February 03, 2019, 11:34:30 AM »
          new updates :) 

          visit our forum for more info. https://l2jhellas.info/ L2JHellas it is free and always will be free interlude pack :)


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            Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
            « Reply #5 on: February 07, 2019, 04:04:48 PM »
            L2JHellas latest updates: (moderator if you can edit the forum link with this one: https://l2jhellas.info/)

            unhardcoded Sound(Reworked from l2j),RequestConfirmGemStone,RequestConfirmRefinerItem,RequestConfirmTargetItem
            from l2j Friend system,Blocklist(dont forget to update your database).
            L2GamePackHandler rework :)
            Duel,commandchannel rework
            Auto Equip System unhardcoded.
            unhardcoded RequestShortCutReg.
            player fishing.
            deleted all fishing zones,only 2 fishing places,giran-gludio fishing places.
            When player enter in a fishing zone a auestion mark appears(instructions about fishing).
            Login server AuthClient
            misc rework
            clean up,finilyze,typo,rename

            change partyroom leader,
            CommunityBoard date-stuck, thanks Cupido :)
            ZODIAC event fixes +typo thanks JMD for report :)
            movement+follow improvement with geodata.
            logout fix thanks to JMD,
            title space fix(no space allowed)
            cp-hp-mp regeneration calculate,miss calculate,karma calculate,serverlist status,message correction when xp-sp added.
            forgeofgods reports: Fix Attack in peacezone,z location waterstate check,guards attack pk players,deodata-world map dimensions.
            forgeofgods reports: fix quest bug.
            forgeofgods reports: fix Adventure Guildsman.
            Added check to avoid multiple broadcast social action when interact with npc.
            Removed ValidateLocation to avoid "jumps" ValidateLocation sent only when player client position is wrong.
            Racetrack teleport fix.
            7sDungeon teleport fix.
            SocialAction now send on every player in radius.
            Implement SocialAction Floodprotector.
            ObserverMode spawn fix.
            onIntentionActive is now set player to active,implement nextaction.
            onEvtReadyToAct implement nextaction.
            Guards can attack karma players inside towns.
            Npe in autoattackstart
            AttackStanceTaskManager avoid to check for cubis if cubics are not active.
            summon add attackstance when owner attacked.
            add pvp status(summon-owner) when casting Offensive skill on player outside of pvp zone.
            Owner: add attackstance when summon hit a target or pet get attacked.
            Augmentation skill level. thanks apollo19.
            Admin addAnnouncement npe.
            Mobs return home if too far from spawn point.
            prevent to attack invisible chars.
            L2GamePacketHandler fix arrayoutofbound-npe.
            build file(Requirements) removed check for subversion. thanks to forgeofgods.
            Mobs now can forgetobjects correctly.
            admin change name stuck fix.
            Fishing animation-fishing unhardcoded
            Avoid to search inside objects for players, replaced with getPlayer method.
            doDie set hp to 0.
            stuck when you are on boat.
            cubic skill range.

            Removed some unused configs.
            double boats and moved inside /quests/vehicles
            double flood protector,PacketHistory,Javolution.
            Deleted double classrace(classid)-playerrace.
            Deleted unused IL2EntryProcedure,IL2Procedure.
            Duplicate world store object.

            CastleTraps part1 for tests,NextAction.
            Fence system.
            BossForever xml Extractable Items patch.
            flood protector checks.
            Augmentation in shortcuts,and update shortcut when delete-add augmentation.
            packets flood protection.(from l2j).
            WaterZoneManager to hold information for fishing waterzone to avoid searching all over the zones about it.
            AbnormalEffect emum.

            npc randomAnimation,PvpFlag.
            deleted old knownlist system(new system still in test mode but working well until now) :)
            doors,zones,walkers,packets,configs clean up and rework. almost 25-35% has been reworked
            ShortCutpackets: removed switch case, no need since its only 1-3 cases.
            castle doors are hp avaible only in siege,also removed double packet send, no need since doorstatusupdate got already those packets.
            unhardcoded RequestQuestAbort.
            Action removed switch case, no need since its only 1-3 cases.
            FriendInvite:added 2 check to avoid double invite - invite self.
            Emum moved inside gameserver.emum package.

            NpcData move in datatables.sql.
            Xml datatables are now loading with parser.

            MagicUseTask enabled printStackTrace to check for errors

            L2JHellas it is free and always will be free interlude pack :)


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              Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
              « Reply #6 on: March 12, 2019, 03:35:40 PM »
              Revision 544-545

              implement Elfocrash L2jRoboto FakePlayer engine.
              Attack animation thanks to forgeofgods

              Implement forgeofgods patch:
              deleted unused libs, changed MySQL databasefactory, as it dont have problem for any MySQL version, removed loggerfactory and replaced with java logger,roboto moved inside extensions,npe attack fix.

              Revision 546:

              Bow attack range.
              l2off like: on action player is following the target and attack only if target is attackable or control pressed.
              l2off like: you give only one hit if the player is not autoattackable.
              l2off like: when stun effect finish player stop following target.
              player equipped with cursed weapon can't use resurrection scrolls.
              EnterWorld exploit fix thanks to Tryskell.
              UseItem exploit fix thanks to Tryskell.
              FakePlayer implement resurrection action
              when a fake player will go to vilage his AI will change(2 random ai's enchanter-walker.)

              Revert mysqlconnector 1.33.

              L2ArmorType,L2EtcItemType,L2WeaponType moved inside emum package

              Revision 547(latest):

              Revert: Drop item l2off like thanks forgeofgods for report.
              GmOnly server status. thanks Anderuimm for report.
              Missing Config for PremiumRateDropAdena.
              smallfix for hellasinfo from forgeofgods.
              Clan pledge status fix.

              some custom-unused configs
              for example pvp-pk color system, no need since the rank system exist.
              rank system will be the main pvp custom engine.
              ExperienceData xml removed,no need since implemented a better way.
              Voiced commands removed:ClCmd, MailCmd(and the custom mail system),
              SetCmd,StatCmd(no need since rank system exist),
              and lot of more has been removed.

              Rework:Polymorph,player team,Charinfo packet.
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                Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
                « Reply #7 on: March 26, 2019, 03:02:42 PM »
                new domain name:  http://l2jhellas.com/
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                  Re: [Interlude Pack Project] L2jHellas Help Us Grow!
                  « Reply #8 on: July 18, 2019, 07:34:40 AM »
                  new updates ;)  https://l2jhellas.com/ free interlude pack :)

                  Revision 548:

                  Implement 255 tutorial.
                  chasing attack thanks to forgeofgods for report.

                  Clean up and fix for 2000++ warnings, sql leaks-simple warnings for java 8.

                  Revision 549:
                  update mysql connector.

                  Revision 550:
                  Summon stuck.
                  Boat thanks cyberwar for report
                  Update summon xyz in boat.
                  Teleport to location instant close active trade.
                  Dual-normal-bow Attack calculate.
                  doRevive player revive first then restore exp/sp stats

                  Minor cleanup on formulas.

                  Revision 551:

                  Boat pay ticket thanks to cyberwar.
                  Achievement invupdate to avoid visual item bug thanks to PeNaChO.
                  Macro visual bug thanks to PeNaChO.

                  duel party teleport players to empty olympiad stadium.
                  (if teleport is canceled due full arena the duel will run normally in same position)

                  minor rework on isAutoAttackable.

                  Anti afk.

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