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    L2J Clean Interlude Free project
    « on: February 02, 2012, 07:33:16 AM »

    [this topic created by owner of the pack]

    Hello World.

    L2J Clean is a interlude project based on l2j russian private project + l2jserver

    Drop Protection:

    If you play at retail you know what i mean. When you kill mob/rb or something, someone can't pick up your item after some seconds.


    For now all AI are in .py and some ai in .java. "i will make all AI in .java but not now. I need some time" :)

    Static Data:

    For now some static data are in .csv and .sql. "i will make some csv and sql in .xml" :)

    Data - Python rewritting to JAVA:

    Coming Soon!


    Retail like olympiad on interlude..

    Some Fixes:

    • Hero system off-like, hero you need recive on Monument of Heroes, not automatic like in other l2j servers.  We need send Userinfo packet after player setted hero.
    • Every hero weapons stats fixed.
    • Every know exploits securities more, (more) than other packs
    • Work like a charm and retail like.
    • Wings of destiny have separated script, no like other l2j in weapons..


    MMCore rework, like L2J Freya

    Party Matching:

    hmm every body know, 99.9 % pack don't have this feature so what more can i say

    Some Fixes:

    • Implement Party Matching
    • Waiting room(now shows waiting players, works Whisper, Rm.Invite and other buttons).
    • Cannot kick yourself from party room.
    • Status update after kick/exit from room, before - then you exit you still have title "Looking for party".
    • Delete unneeded packet, and rework ExPartyMember.
    • Chat in party Match working.

    More Info About Pack Coming Soon.

    After i will update again this topic.

    if you have a question you can report it in the forum.

    link :

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