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[L2j-Freya] project LYM.e Instant PvP server
« on: May 08, 2011, 04:19:45 PM »

LYM.e is an instant PvP server that puts the accent on teamplay and sticks to as-close-as-possible to retail-like gameplay. This project differs from thousands of others in the branch because it does not have any gameplay customizations or custom class balance and it gives a chance for all classes to shine in battle! Yes - every class will be useful !


Xp - 3000x
Sp - 500x
Adena - 100x
Rb drop - 10x
KE drop 15x


Max enchant value - +10
Enchantant rate - 66%
Blessed scrolls enchant - 80%
Attribute enhance rate - 50% (Retail)
Max attribute enhance value - Retail
Augmentation system - Retail

General features info:

Starting village - Floran
Starting lvl - 80 (max 85)
Sub class limit - 3
Free S grade items
Custom currency - Festival Adena
TvT events
TvT reward - 3FA + Safe codex, 1 hour period
No Giants Codex item required for skill enchanting
Farm zones: IOP/HB (IOP newbie zone)
Weekly olympiad tournament
Weekly castle sieges
Forts fully working
Buff slots - Retail
Buff duration - Retail
Certification obtaining - Retail
Path to Hellbound - Shortened to NPC dialogues
Dualboxing is restricted
NO mp pots

General NPC info:

GMShop - Sells all kind of equipment and groceries
NPC Buffer - Provides basic buffs which last for 4 hours and restoration
Leveling NPC - Instantly levels characters to lvl 80
Global Gatekeeper - Provides teleportation to Farm zones, Raid boss zones & Towns.
All NPCs required for Sub-Class manipulations, certifications and HB entrance quest are located in Floran village

Server machine & connection specs:

CPU - Intel Core2Duo, 2x 2.33+ GHz , 3 MB L2 - FSB 1066 MHz
HDD - 2x 750 GB - SATA2
Connection - Fast Ethernet, 100 mbps, unlimited traffic
DDOS protection - Enabled

Don't forget to take a look at the mini tutorial for further guidance!

The LYM.e team is looking forward to seeing you all having fun with us.
Feel free to drop your suggestions, thoughts and questions at our forum!

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=3047.0

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