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[Project] Esios - Interlude
« on: October 25, 2012, 03:40:24 PM »

What is this all about ?
"To be honest i spend a lot of my time sitting at my chair and even surfing on the web or coding. What i see is that many people make a living (or not) on other guys backs (Tryskell's mostly). So some people feel cool while selling packs for 20-50 euros while they just added shared (or not, you might find 1 non-shared feature on each pack) features on them. Fine them. Most of you know who i am and what i can do. So after being sick of this state i decided to start an OPEN SOURCE project.
The project's name is L2j Esios. Esios is an acronym and stands for Elfocrash's Shares In One Source. There in another reason for creating this project too and it is more personal. It is because Tryskell lets us download just the files of his revs and when i code a feature on acis i cannot create a patch to share it. So this way i will be able to code on acis and everyone can get the feature. Note here that i will just use acis rev 260 as a base and i won't care more for what Tryskell and his team will do. I won't sync with acis and add features too. I will just add features."

- Elfocrash

Why Interlude?
"Too lame to download another client + i will help Tryskell cuz  if there is a bug report for me and it is not caused by my customs then Tryskell will fix it for acis too so in that way i help acis."
- Elfocrash

"The main goal is to prevent other guys to sell stuff that they shouldn't while not respecting other people work.'
- Elfocrash

Esios PoV
     • The more it is custom, the more it is interesting.
     • Anti-retail. I don't give a damn for retail. Nothing will be committed for retail.
     • Clean and stable custom code.
     • People can request features. If i like them i will commit them.

     • New character custom title
     • Welcome screen message
     • Entering messages
     • Last visit message
     • Casino Npc
     • Antiheavy Classes
     • Npc Buffer Instance
     • Siege Informer Npc
     • Random Reward Box
     • Pvp Chat
     • Webservered Html Npc
     • Siege Reward
     • Automatic Restard
     • Petition Logger
     • VoicedCommand Support
     • VoicedCommand bypasses (bypass -h voiced_thecommand)
     • Vortex Vote Engine
     • Achievements Engine
     • Survey System
     • Bank system
     • Offline shop/craft
     • Private buffer mod
     • Auction Npc (Like aion broker)
     • Nobless Custom Item
     • Menu panel (How many online on it too)
     • .gearscore (WoW like featurette)
     • Strider Race Event (New Custom Events Are Coming)
     • New Custom Community Board (Alt+B)
     • Custom StartUp System
     • Elfocrash's New Captcha Anti-Bot System
     • Enchant Npc
And more and more are coming...

Famous Last Words
"I don't wanna be offensive peeps but the more you sell the more i will code. Don't put the blame on me for ruining your business. Mine got ruined twice (i am not talking about revenge). Remember that if something is hard to be coded it worth to be sold but not in a pack."
- Elfocrash

The new Interlude Project "Esios" is coming with new ideas , many new mods , new events and much more features unexisting or forgotten ones till now. Notice that the project is compleately free so dont rush developers , remember that they also have their own live and also have their own problems. They are not our personal developers and they are not responsable for our mistakes at server administrating. As i said before everything they do is free and they do it for US so even the lesser respect and support is enough to bring their motivation back. Project is still baby but you may be sure that the great things are just beginning to appear. Expect nice momments !
- Dubxsion

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