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    [Share] L2J-Perfect 1.0.7 Version
    « on: August 21, 2014, 01:45:59 PM »

    Hello fellow users! I'm really glad to represent you L2J-Perfect's free version.
    Bellow you can find the list of the custom features available in the pack.

    Server Related Features:
    • UPnP Service (L2J-Server H5)
      - If you have a router the auth and l2server will request for port forwarding.
    • Entirely new L2AuthD server based on L2J-Server beta branches.
    • Automatic restart every 24 hours support for L2AuthD server.
    • Automatic L2Server restart feature with configurable times.
    • Chat Filter system.
    • Vote Reward manager for both L2Topzone & L2Hopzone
    • Class Balancer

    Player Related Features:
    • Custom spawn location for newly created characters.
    • Custom Re-spawn location.
      - Instead of re-spawning to nearest town, when character dies he will re-spawn to the custom location.
    • Grade penalty disabling config.
    • Allow player to add/change subclass at all village masters.
    • Starting and subclass level config.
    • Combat colors manager. (The good old pvp / pk color engine.)
    • Custom blessed / crystal fail rules. (If item breaks will return with "x" enchants backward.)

    Custom NPC's:

    Custom Features:
    • Player Physics Configuration
      - Fully configurable player, damage, multipliers and others config. To help you improve your class balance.
    • Custom Community Board with awesome features!
    • Offline trade / craft feature.
    • Skill / Buff time modifier:
      This will basically overlook the "time = x" in the skill XMLs so that you do not need to modify the XMLs to increase skill duration.
    • Anti Feed manager.
    • Dual Box Checker.
    • PvP/Pk announce system. With extended configs.
    • PvP/Pk reward system.
    • PvP enchant system.
      -By enabling this then every X pvp the player will get randomly part of his armor,weapon or jewel that is currently equiped automatically enchanted.
    • PvP Global & Trade chat configs.
    • Welcome screen message.
    • Banking system:
      - The ordinary .deposit / . withdraw function with automatic banking function that is converting players money to gold bars when he reaches adena.


    This is the free pack!
    This means:
    No feature updates!
    No support for problems, bugs or anything!
    No license file and computer restrictions. :)

    Version log can be found inside the archive. (Documentation folder)

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-java-projects/16/share-l2j-perfect-1-0-7-version/20182/
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