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    1. Quest Done "A Special Order" for Wondrous Cubic.
    2. Adena.
    3. Subclass (lv 40 sure).

    The "A Special Order" quest provides the reward of a Wondrous Cubic.

    Every 24 hours, you can click double click on this inventory item and obtain Fine or Rough Cubic Pieces of different colours. These pieces can be handed in to the Freightman at any town for Enchants. Fine pieces will get you Weapon Enchants, Rough Pieces will get you Armor Enchants. The color of the pieces indicate which grade of Enchant you will receive as follows: 
    How To Get Unlimited Enchant:
    First Step.
    Click first time on Wondrous Cubic and we get a Piece.

    Second Step.
    Go to High Priest and change subclass. Now we re-click on Wondrous Cubic and we get another piece.

    Third Step.
    Go to High Priest and change subclass in main class. Now change the subclass with another new subclass and click on Wondrous Cubic for another Piece.

    Unlimited Piece exchange for Enchant Weapon at wharehouse Freightman NPC.

    Credits: vnmedia

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=831.0

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