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    [Share]Using Weapons/Armors To All The Clients
    « on: April 07, 2010, 05:02:36 AM »

    So Note that this guide is to adapt an old weapon to a new chronicle
    Otherwise to adapt a new weapon to an old chronicle you will need the WeaponTextures
    Okey So why i make this guide
    Every day we all can see that many people at client mods child board request help because they getting errors when they try to encrypt the file
    So i will make an easy way but you must be carefull and it takes some time
    If there is a same topic like this just delete mine
    So what will we need?
    A Patched System
    And L2FileEdit (It depends on your client e.g. For Interlude client take interlude file edit etc...)
    Human Brain(I think all you have =))
    Okey Let's Start

    In This guide i am gonna adapt a Dusk weapon of c4 to hellbound client
    In All the guides they give you the weapongrp/armor grp
    Weapongrp of bow of halisha with right glows on C4 from l2gold
    I am posting Photos because the line is very big
    Ok look Copy The line from weapongroup

    Or Here

    Ok Good until here
    Now We Paste it in our hellbound client with a space above
    So it will look like that


    Ok We are going good till now
    Now We must find a bow weapongrp line from the HELLBOUND client
    And Copy it above of the c4 line
    It will loook like that


    So okey now the "hard part"
    What we do now?
    Just change the characters of the bow of hellbound with c4
    Now you will be a little confused
    Here's a picture

    Note that the c4 got an additional _wp
    we just pass it nothing interesting
    So the final step is to change the id with our custom Weapon with the old one
    And remove the c4 line
    Let a space in the end of the file
    Save it as 413
    And Tadam Our custom weapon is ready Yihhaaaaaaaaa
    Note that when it lags it means the encryption is successfull
    That's the end and good luck with adapting =)

    Credits: TO me

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=892.0



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    Re: [Share]Using Weapons/Armors To All The Clients
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    Give The Real Creadit's!!
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