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    l2 Raijin Epilogues
    « on: October 21, 2010, 07:49:33 AM »
    l2 Raijin - Epilogues

     I'm glad to present you the Raijin Server Project
     The Server start at the 22'October-17h GMT+3

     Server with Top fixes, top performance and experienced developers
     l2DC Files! that means Best Performance,Ballanced Classes etc.
     Server is running on powerful machine  with 200Mb/s connection speed.
    Information about the Server

     Epilogues Client
     EXP x75, SP x75, Adena  x80, Spoil x25, Drop x30, Quest x10.
     Gm shop up to B grade
     Enchant chance 60%  +3 safe / +16 max
     Catacombs Teleporter.
     NPC Buffer, Pet Buffer  [ Buffs up to 2hours ]
     Mammons located in Giran Town.
     Ancient Adena Exchanger by 1 click in Giran Town.
     Top Pk / PvP NPC located in Giran Town.
     Tower of Insolence 3, 4, 5 floors teleport in Adena Gatekeepe
     Auto Learn 81-83 skills ( totally all skills )

       S84 - Seed of Destruction & Seed of Infinity! Collecting Seeds.
       Hellbound automized 11lvl - Steel Citadel, Anomic Foundry.
       Weapons and Jewelery Augmentation!
       Territory Wars
       Dynasty S80 - Primeval Island, Den of Evil, Mithril mines, Giants Cave, Field of Whisper-Silence.
       Many automized events:
       Hide And Seek Event

       Masterwork & Foundation items
       4 Sepulchers
       Dimensional Rifts

     Searching for unique server with best performance?
     Join Us!


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