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LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
« on: August 31, 2012, 05:32:23 PM »
i'm looking for one Hi5 or Freya Full PvP Server..
Easy farm to get full items,no bugs,balance and with good comunity
Enchant Blessed Rates 100% and no f****g donates like normal players +20 and donate +25..
Post your opinion thanks all

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9285.0



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    Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
    « Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 01:45:45 PM »
    L][DoD Pure PvP 5000x
    Rates/Basics INFO:
    * Exp x5000
    * SP x5000
    * Adena x5000
    * Drop x1
    * Spoil x1 (drop chance)
    * Drop Raid Boss x1
    * Drop quest x5000
    * Quest reward x5000

    Item up to S84
    Skill Certification working/skill enchant via Giant's Codex.

    Custom NPCs:
    GM Shop
    Augmentation Manager
    PvP-PK Manager
    Custom Shop
    Andromeda (Wedding Manager)

    Features :
    24 hours Buff/3 hours Songs/Dances (except some buff, for balance)
    Safe enchant +4
    Max enchant +16
    Enchant rates : 66% Normal/75% Blessed

    Auto learn skill

    Auto Loot (Auto Pickup)
    Auto Learn Forgoten Scroll Skills

      Main events
    - Fully working Team vs Team, Advanced Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing events, Lucky Chests (extremely advanced version)

    * Mini events

    Single players fights:
    - 1v1 event (classic 1v1 fights)
    - 3 players FFA event (free-for-all)
    - 5 players FFA event (free-for-all)

    Party fights:
    - 5vs5 (register with a party of 5 people and fight another party)
    - 2vs2 (you only need one friend!)
    - 9vs9 (full parties)
    - 2vs2vs2 (same as 2vs2, there are 3 teams fighting each other)
    - 5vs5vs5 (same as 5vs5, there are 3 teams fighting each other)

    Korean Party fights:
    - 5vs5 (you need a party of 5 people)
    - 3vs3 (grab two friends to join)
    - 9vs9 (for full parties)

    Mini TvT:
    - 10vs10 (smaller version; you don't need any party to join, teams are created automatically)
    - 20vs20 (bigger version)

    Our Regards,
    L][DoD Team.


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      Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
      « Reply #2 on: October 21, 2012, 01:16:29 PM »



      High Five P5 Chronicle
      Start level 85
      Exp/SP x2000
      S80 items free

      Max subclass 3
      Subclass start 85
      No quest for subclass
      No quest for certification

      Safe +4
      Max +16
      Chance: 85%
      Blessed: Reduce current enchant by 1 if enchant fails

      Max lvl: 4 (150 / 60)
      Chance: 60%

      Max buffs: 28 (+4)
      Max dances: 16
      Buffs last 1 hour
      Steal Divinity and Cancel return buffs

      PvP Features
      Spawn protection
      Class balance
      Mana potions
      PvP Zone
      PvP Rewards

      Custom NPCs

      NPC Buffer
      GM Shop
      Global teleporter
      Top PvP ranking
      Appeareance manager
      Noble manager
      Epic Respawn manager

      Epic Raids

      Balanced stats for level 85
      Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza, Baium: 8h respawn
      Rest of epics: 4h respawn
      Drops 1 jewel 100%
      Raid jewels are not found in GM Shop

      Lowered respawn time and changed level to 85
      All raids give extra clan reputation points when they die
      Custom raid that drops GoD cloaks and GCM

      Hero every 2 weeks (days 1st and 15th of every month new heroes are selected)
      Every day from 18:00 to 23:50 (GMT +1)
      Enchant limit +6

      Auto Events
      CTF, KOTH, TvT
      1 event every 1 hour

      Custom commands

      Custom stuff

      All new GoD hairs
      All new GoD cloaks and Castle cloaks

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        Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
        « Reply #3 on: October 22, 2012, 12:48:41 PM »
        You Should Try


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          Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
          « Reply #4 on: November 27, 2012, 07:32:10 AM »
          http://www.no display.com/  very easy server less than 1 hour and you are full!! try it !  safe/max 16 :D lvl 7 :)


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            Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
            « Reply #5 on: November 28, 2012, 11:58:43 AM »
            http://www.no display.com/  very easy server less than 1 hour and you are full!! try it !  safe/max 16 :D lvl 7 :)
            lol one of the worst server ever no pk kill in farm zone you go lvlup and go to farm ,trying to farm but there is 1 clan its look like gm one gm player clan thay standing there no one can farm u try u well get kill pk yes there is one farm zone and only one teleport to the farm lol so u west u time  karouzis nice server that why u got bann from admin cuz u nice player try to help server to grow up  o.O admin 


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              Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
              « Reply #6 on: December 20, 2012, 06:38:40 AM »
              L²Raze - Unique High Five PvP Experience!

              L2Raze - Unique PvP Experience

              Exp Rate: 500x
              Adena Rate: 1x
              Buff/Dance Slots: 20+4/12
              Buff Time: 1 Hour
              Enchant Rate: 66%
              Attributes Rate: 50%
              Enchant Safe: +3
              Enchant Max: +12

              Daily Features

              -4 Big Bosses are added to Custom Zones. Epic respawn time decreased, all Epic Boss Zones are Combat Zones
              Instanced Bosses
              -There is special Instance with Raid Boss, Clan Members from newer or weaker Clans can join this Instance more often
              Custom Zones
              -There are 3 Custom Zones: Peace (Hellbound Village), Normal Farm (Lair of Antharas) and Party (Seed of Annihilation)
              Conquerable Locations
              -There is a Crystal inside LoA, if you capture (destroy) it, you will then get items when killing players nearby
              Kratei’s Cube
              -Players are able to fight with other players and monsters in Kratei's Cube, cool rewards await!
              Olympiad System
              -Olympiad is 1v1, Heroes are chosen weekly
              Dungeons & Kamaloka
              -If you own a Castle or Fortress, you can join a Dungeon and get items such as Cloaks. Kamaloka is a daily Instance, twice daily for VIPs. In the Kamaloka, you will need to survive and kill as many monsters as you can
              Dynamic Quests
              -In Lair of Antharas, random players will take part in Dynamic Quests(such as Find Treasure Chests) and will get special rewards from it
              Auto-Event Engine
              -Nexus Event Engine with cool events that start every hour

              Global Events

              Seven Signs Competition
              -Seven Signs winner is chosen by competition, players fight inside catacomb and necropolis, their goal is to kill the enemy leader (Anakim or Lilith)
              Monsters Revolution
              -A random location is chosen once per week where players will need to kill as many monsters as possible inside to get Vorpal Items
              War of Races
              -Players will be fighting against other races, the goal will be killing the Crystal located inside their villages. Weaker Races have stronger Guards and receive greater rewards when invading enemy villages
              Tiat’s’ Invasion
              -When Tiat and his army are resurrected, players will need to defend their Capital. The only chance to stop the attack is to make a difficult Quest and kill Tiat in his Dungeon
              Cursed City
              -One of the cities has been cursed, there are evil monsters inside. Players will need to kill the enemy leader inside the Town and also inside the Castle to get the rewards
              Clan Death Match
              -The 9 Best Clans are chosen to fight against each other. The winner will get rewards clan-based rewards like CRP and also can advance to Clan Level 11
              -There are only 2 Castles (Giran & Aden) and 5 Fortresses that can be attacked. Guards are a lot stronger and Castle Walls are much easier to destroy with Siege Weapons
              Territory Wars
              -Weekly Territory Wars, players will have a chance to fight near Giran & Aden.
              Clan Tournament
              -Every 2 Days players will be able to join a Clan Tournament. In Party vs Party competition, they will be able to get CRP for their Clan
              Epic Portal
              -For 20 minutes an Epic Portal will be opened, it will teleport nearby players to an Epic Boss (Frintezza, Freya or Beleth)

              Other Features

              Leveling System
              -New players will have two small quests to finish which will advance them to level 76. After that they will get Dynasty for free at level 80.
              -There are a lot of Achievements, you will get rewarded in Adena for each Achievement you unlock
              -Pets can be bought at Pet Managers, they need to kill monsters by themselves to get levels. On level 55 and 70 they evolve
              -To get Noblesse status, you will need to pass a Special Dungeon a few times. You will be transferred in different classes and get items needed to pass it. All that will matter will be your skills
              Crafting Potions
              -You will be able to find seeds in Normal and Party Zones. After clicking on them, you will get mats needed for crafting potions such as CP or MP Potions
              Raid Quests
              -To get items like Blooded Fabric or Portal Stone, you will need to kill Raid Bosses with your party which spawn every hour
              Seven Signs
              -To join Dawn Cabal, you need to have a Clan or Alliance that owns a Castle in order to get the Certificate. Winning Cabal will get many benefits such as cheaper prices in shops
              Champion System
              -Players get points for killing enemies, the player with the most points will become Champion. Champion players may ride a horse, have a custom passive skill, an animation above the head and Hero Chat
              Cursed Weapons
              -Cursed Weapons are much stronger than normal. Once picked up, a player will have 20 minutes until the weapon disappears. Time will be increased with every kill.
              -You are able to get 2 passive augmentations(like p def +5%) added to your weapon. The strength of the augmentation will depend on which life stone you use
              Forgotten Scrolls
              -These scrolls can be found in Forgotten Boxes. The Boxes can be found from Bosses and Global Events
              Lottery Ticket Seller
              -Every hour a new lottery period starts and players can get a ticket and get a nice reward (reward amount depends on how many tickets were sold)
              -Attributes can be added just to the weapon and max attribute is 150
              Clan System
              -To level up your Clan, you will need to complete tasks such as kill an Epic Boss or get a Castle. The best way to get CRP is the Clan Tournament
              Vitality System
              -Vitality will no longer give experience but adena instead. For max level of vitality you will have 3x adena rate
              -The Kamael race has been removed
              -Fame can be taken from Global Events, you are able to get the best rewards from it
              -You cannot get Certifications anymore since Sub classes are really easy to level up.
              Item Broker
              -This NPC sells the best items such as Elegia
              -You are able to get them ONLY from a GM, for things such as finding bugs or giving suggestions
              -Fortune Seekers are able to Spoil players and steal their adena with Sweeper
              -Buffs that get cancelled come back after a few seconds
              Diving Inspiration
              -To get 4 additional buff slots, you will need to get Divine Inspiration Books
              Repair Gem
              -If you break a weapon with an enchant of +6 or more, you can repair that weapon with Repair Gem at a cost of -2 enchants


              VIP Certification
              -VIP players will have many bonuses like custom glow or unlimited boxes
              AIO Buffer
              -AIO players will be get all possible buffs and passive skill for fast casting speed


              More detailed description of features can be found on our site:
              Website: http://lineagesquared.com/l2raze/
              Forum: http://forum.lineagesquared.com
              Patch: http://lineagesquared.com/l2raze/system.rar


              Open Beta period started! You will be able to test server for at least 2 weeks before the Official Launch.

              Server Screenshots


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                Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
                « Reply #7 on: December 31, 2012, 08:09:22 AM »

                Freya PVP x3000 Grand opening in 01.01.2013, Many RB's including Grandbosses, will be lots of PVP and lots of fun!!!


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                Re: LF Hi5 or Freya PvP Server
                « Reply #8 on: January 13, 2013, 07:50:15 PM »
                i want 100% blessed as i say easy to get full gear!
                i work and i play lineage ][ for some hours so i can't play in a server who i need hard farm to get items i want enter farm 1/2 hours max and get full armor/weap/jewels..
                thx all for ur opinion but i'm looking for something easy :)

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