Author Topic: [LF] server lik l2pride or multiskill server  (Read 3985 times)

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    [LF] server lik l2pride or multiskill server
    « on: January 17, 2016, 10:53:10 AM »
    lf l2pride type server or multiskill server btw server    
    L2Spartans dont work why this server is on Topzone ...  ? and    
    Valakas world this server is Rusian language all wtf ... 21 senturz and ppl crate server in rus language for all nationality ppl all Hud ina game luck lik this"!"#¤"%#¤%¤&¤/%&() pff ....  cutom weapon = @#$@%##^%& cutom Armor = !@$@^%#&@^@  ... wtf is wrong whit you pll ...

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        Re: [LF] server lik l2pride or multiskill server
        « Reply #2 on: April 05, 2016, 08:03:44 AM »
        04/04/2016 17:00PM (GMT+2)

        = APC's =

        These mobs that have the appearance of real players.

        -Random Spawn

        Many mobs found in L2Bios have a large radius or grid, in which they spawn in a random location set around a predetermined point. Mobs such as Npc Monsters, OVER 9000 THOUSAND!, and many rare mobs.

        = Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories =

        L2Bios's mainstay, it's collection of truly unique stat modifiers and set bonuses makeup a large part of our content. From Relic Jewelry to Armor to Accessories, every item has a different bonus, mix and match them to create powerful combinations. All armors have a extra custom enchant bonus when the entire set reaches a certain enchant. You won't find most of the SA's on L2Bios anywhere else!

        All of the buffs you could ever want are in our Buffer.

        = Automated Events =

        Team vs Team vs Team
        Team with the most kills wins. People are in 2 different teams fighting each other. Orange team,Green team. The first 2 players who will join in event they will get extra rewards.Also Top Killer will be announced and rewarded with +2 event price.

        Players are spawned in the Guarden's of Eva and must kill as many other players as they can, the Top player with the highest kills wins the event,every kill gives a +25 Beleth's Silver Dragon as reward, but try not to die, you will have to wait 20 seconds to be respawned!

        Capture the Flag
        Classic Red Team vs Blue Team, each team must abscond with their opponents flag and return it to their own flag, but if its not there they won't be able to score!

        = Custom Commands =

        Afraid one of your friends might make off with your new armor or accessories? Yea, me too. This is where Secret Key comes in handy, simply type ".security" , and your account will protected by a secret code. Meaning your character will not be able to preform an action that can potentially cause harm. Such as; enchanting, trading, dropping, deleting, PKing.Notice that you will have to enter Secret Key every time you enter in Lineage II World.

        = Custom Skills =

        L2Bios has an obcene amount of custom skills. Extra Skills are currently obtainable with Level Up, they are in game and work 100%, but we are unsure of how to introduce them.On L2Bios our Heroes get their Heroic Valor and Miracle, but they also get a few special skills based on their Race. There are a few highly customized skills such as Dance of Protection, which now is a party buff that adds +200 pDef/Mdef.

        We have Many more Skills , Join Us and you will find out.

        Hero Skills

        Yoke of Scarlet - Forcefully strike the general area of your enemy with a strong energy and instantly immobilizes enemies in the area. Fighter skill.Human heroes only.

        Striking of Thunderbolts - Use all your available magical power to conjure fierce thunderbolts from the sky to strike your enemies. Can paralyze. Magic spell. Assumes the user has 22,500 M.Atk. Human heroes only. Large Radius.

        Lightning Eruption - Emits a shocking circle of energy that damages surrounding enemies and has a chance to stun them. Power 9745. Fighter skill. Elven Heroes only.

        Holy Light Burst - Shoot down a beam of concentrated light energy at your target. Decreases attack/cast speed. AOE. Magic spell. Assumes the user has 20,000 M.Atk. Elven Heroes only.

        Pressure Bomb - Sacrifices HP to detonate a pressure-induced bomb of pure energy at distant enemies that inflicts damage and bluffs them. Ignores shield defense. Power 9745. Fighter skill. Dark Elven heroes only.

        Cursed Lilim Drain - Marks the area in which your enemy is standing on to be cursed with negative energy. Drain HP. Decreases speed. AOE. Magic spell. Assumes the user has 25,000 M.Atk. Dark Elven Heroes only.

        Force Halo - Tear the very fabric of space to bring a ring of energy down your enemy's head. Also can paralyze. AOE. Fighter skill. Orcish Heroes only.

        Valakas Meteor Storm - Summon the force of earth to attack your enemies with blazing molten rocks. Removes enemies' targets. Using skills and spells is impossible in this firestorm. Magic spell. Assumes the user has 20,000 M.Atk. Orcish heroes only.

        Antharas Meteor - Summon the force of nature to move giant rocks crashing onto your enemies. Stun is possible. Fighter skill. Dwarven heroes only.

        = Custom Farming Zones =

        L2Bios has 2 Main Farming areas, each as a special attribute. Cave of Trials is geared toward new players zone. Many of these mobs are soloable but there are a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party. Forbiden Gateway is a solo zone, while it is possible to party there, many of the mobs were designed to be soloed. There is a feature implemented in FOG, so that once a player hits a mob that mob is considered "theirs" and no other play may attack it unless a clan member or a party member. Some are resistance to all weapons but weak to only one. Also this is where our random spawn grind comes into play, so watch out!

        = PvP Towns =

        What makes L2Bios, L2Bios would have to be Gludin. Gludin is a non-peace zone and many would consider the center of PvP. However to curb pvp farming we have an anti-farm system in place. After killing Player A, you must kill 2 other players OR wait 5 minutes from gaining a PvP point from Player A again. But sometimes new players walk into Gludin and are immediately intimidated, as you should be lol. This is why we have Hunter Village. Hunter Village is similar to Gludin but it is an S (Non-Custom) or Over +25 items only zone.Hunter Village also does not allow you to form a party.Ofcourse Healler Classes are Forbiden. Also in addition, when entering Hunter Village all players names are hidden, their names replaced with "Anonymous". The anti-pvp farm system still applies.

        = Killing Sprees =

        = Custom Raid Bosses =

        To list some. These raid bosses have tricky skill combinations and special properties and passives that will force you and your party to work together like never before, for example Oblivion Nightshade has 80% reduced damage from behind and resists 80% of Dread Weapon's damage overall. She has a 20% chance to reflect physical skills, Uses Paralyze etc.

        = Custom Hybrid Classes =

        To make support classes more interesting and fun to play, SWS/BD's have been edited to be damage dealing classes. Blade Dancers have light armor masteries and high evasion. Some of their skills have been edited, for example Poison Blade Dance, is now an all skill AOE poison. Swordsingers can be played a verity of different ways, they have Vanguard, if they want to play in heavy armor with a 2 handed weapon, or normal heavy armor with a sword/shield. But most common would be the light armor, 1 handed sword no shield setup SWS have some Gladiator skills such as Sonic Blaster and Sonic Force. Doomcryers have been given skills to make them more multipurpose, they can even act as an off-tank. Hierophants would have to be the most customized class on Bios, with a slew of skills from difference classes, this Melee damage nuker, has truly unique game play. Eva's Saints and Shilen Saints have even been given some interesting skills that will allow them to compete with Cardinals. Dwarven classes would seem as tho they've been spliced on the one hand with Daggers with Deadly Blow skills etc and on the other hand Magges they have low level Promince(Fire skills) and some Dot (Watter skills), along with rage, they're quite tenacious.

        = Custom Npcs =

        L2Bios gives you many completely custom npcs. If you are looking for a challengeAchievements are here to full you with many missions you are calling to complete. Taz(Top 10) is here to benefit you with his services. Here you can look at the Top 10 players , find out their Items count and PvP/PK's , Best Clans and Online Time.There is also Vote Manager which rewards you with helpfull unique coins. Finaly, we have RaidBoss Teleporters.

        = PvP Name Colors/Skills =

        In L2Bios we believe it's necessary to be able to show off as much as possible. So why not have corresponding name colors to show how much you've owned other players.

        In addition to name colors you'll also receive special PvP Skills.

        Name color changes

        1000 - Player name color changed to blue

        2000 - Player name color chnaged to pink

        3000- Player name color changed to green

        4000 - Player name color changed to yellow

        5500 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue

        7500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple

        9500 - Player name color changed to orange

        11000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey

        15000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to redPvP Skills

        5 - Adena to True Not allowed - Converts 1.2 billion adena in your inventory to 1 True Not allowed automatically.

        500 - PVP - Firework - Active: Ignites a Firework. Recovers 500 CP.

        1100 - PVP - Large Firecracker - Active: Ignites a Large Firework.Removes every negative effect.

        3000 - PVP - Blessed Body - Boosts base HP by 15% and heals self and pets for 12%. Last for 5 minutes.

        3500 - PVP - Focus - Increases critical attack rate temporarily.

        4000 -Debuff- PVP - Decrease Weight - Slows and reduces evasion on one target.

        5000 -Debuff- PVP - Death Whisper - Decreases accurasy, evasion and critical attack damage temporarily.

        7000 - PVP - Might/Empower - Increase you or a party member's P.ATK/M.ATK. Last 5 minutes.

        9500 - PVP - Medusa - Petrifies a target.

        ????? - PvP - Dash - Increases Speed.

        ????? - PVP - Wind Walk - Boosts run speed significantly. Last 10 seconds.

        ????? - PVP - Chant of Victory - The spirit of an ancient hero temporarily possesses the target.

        We have a limitation to 10000 characters long. So please visit our site

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