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    LF SERVER like L2 Rainbow
    « on: November 09, 2014, 07:28:19 AM »

    Hello everyone!
    I'm looking for server like Lineage 2 Rainbow (Legendary system - like a Diablo 3 paragon system)
    Or server where is maximum enchant + unlimited and chance on blessed is 100% ...
    Or server with all of them!

    For example server L2 Rainbow:

    you don't have to level up since you start at level 85 and all your subclasses will also start at level 85.
    Regarding to the SP the rates are x5000
    All the drops are custom and the main currency is adena, you won't need anything else since you can adquire it from the GMShop.

    Normal Scroll - 90%
    Crystal Scroll - 95%
    Blessed Scroll - 100%
    Safe - +10
    Max - No limit

    NPC buffer with all the buffs and community system with everything you need.

    Farm zone: Tower of Insolence
    This is the main PvE zone and it's not Peace zone, as the Newbie Zone was. The monsters here are divided in different tiers, located in each floor of the tower. Therefore, the higher the floor is, the stronger are the moobs. After that, the monsters strength and the rewards increase dramatically with each floor.

    Custom Features (Aditions to the classic L2Rainbow)
    - Real time olympiad: We have a custom olympiad system that is very similar to the ELO system. Basically, the heroes are updated in real time and only the players that are at the top can be heroes, there are no differences between classes, you are top then you are hero. But as soon as someone gets more points than you, you will inmediately lose your hero status, so fight for it.

    - Legendary system: When you reach lvl 85 100% you are set to the Legendary Level 1. From that you can scale to Legendary Level 100 gaining extra stats for each level you achieve. It's similar to the parangon system of Diablo 3. Those levels are SHARED between subclasses, when you go farm/PvP with friends with your healer subclass you will also gain experience for all the other subclasses and main class.

    - Farm stacks: On this server the amount of PvP for the farm spots can be overwelming we are rewarding the most perseverant players. Everytime you kill a monster there's a chance to receive a "Farm stack". Farm stacks give you extra XP/Adena/Drop Chance and can be received multiple times, the more you remain unkilled the more reward you get!

    - NPC enchanter: To make it clear, now if you don't want to click hundreds of times on the enchant scroll you don't have to do it. We introduced a cool NPC that will do it for you, instantly and telling what are the odds of succed, but he won't do it for free icon_e_biggrin.gif.

    - Revamped Raid system: Join your friends and clan mates on the most exciting raidboss hunt of Lineage 2. Collect the Raid Tokens from the ToI monsters and summon the most powerful Raid Bosses in order to get amazing rewards. But be careful, even if you are on the instance trying to defeat the boss... you aren't alone, remember that you are on a PvP server so we made the instances global and now every enemy can try to steal your Raid!



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      Re: LF SERVER like L2 Rainbow
      « Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 06:51:04 PM »
      and you call this crap a server? . better make one of your own to make +65234723 weapon instantly.


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        Re: LF SERVER like L2 Rainbow
        « Reply #2 on: November 10, 2014, 04:44:23 AM »
        Yes, it's a server... I played on a lot of servers.. now I want server like this...

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