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    [LF]Low rate custom Interlude
    « on: January 12, 2016, 06:28:49 PM »
    i am loking  for a server that wold  look like this :

    normal l2 interlude... NO CLASS BALANCE the  l2 game developers made the game this way ... no need for retarded  wannabe administrators fo balance classes  and end up f****g all up   so NO balancing !!!
    auto skills/ autoloot  is ok
    buff slots 28
    npc buffer with scheme  normal + song +dance + cov/magnus  (no resists  at npc)
    all buffs including resists and summon bufs to be 2h
    have rebirh system 
    have tattos at gm shopt (beside the dye) tattos that give +15 casting speed or +10 haste  or 7% m def   etc
    server rate to be betwin 25x and 55x

    gm shop to be up to  B grade (A and S to be craftable)+ 3 tipes of custom armours + custom2SA wepons (to be put in GM shop of if you know how to do it... make it craftable as well  with 100% recipes) and the wepons armour prices to be accesable to the adena you ghater ... you make less then 1 kk  until lvl 20  do not make D grade 5 min ... make it 500 k so you can buys some shotsbeside the weapon
    subclass free  nobless with   full quest  no caradin lether  not even for donate (mabe make barakiel respown 2-3 hours remove lot)

    the custompart come here :

     cave of trials / elven fortress and school of dark arts transform into custom zones with mobs lvl lvl 80 in cave of trial  lvl 83 in eleven and 85 in school of dark arts ... and the def hp and power of mobs  should reflect lvl of mobs
    they should drop adena + Spam is not allowed stones and special items or mantras  blue  green red  wich wold be used to buy  custom armours and wepons  ..the amount of adena and items should reflect the lvl and dificulty of the custom zones + chance to drop recipe 100% of armour part 1---1 recipe at 30-50 killed mobs shoould be the dificulty of drop 
    so in order to buy an custom armour part (full heavy boots )  the price should be 1 recipe heavy xarmour name boots + xadena  x ancient adena x nr of custom item curency or mantra     blue for lowest armour  green for mid and red for top grade armour
    mobs should drop like 1-2of those items or mantras  for dead mob and prices in gm shop   like 1000 green mantra per armour part for the lowest grade of armour and 10 000  for the top grade 
    i wold like custom weapons with 2 SA (like empower+acumen)
    if posiblei wold like to see l2 custom wings with stats ... design of wings anc colors to match the custom armours

    for donate  :
    add masks hats..from  godof distruction cronicle ...  nice hats not the interlude bullshit  hair pins (who the :) wold pay money for hair pins) enchants  bogs  soul cryst quest items (not nobles)
    have in minde all that is in gm shop  should  be in the vote reward shop and in the gm shop
    only diference :  in donate shop   you pay 5 donate  coins for a crystal 13  /  same item in vote shop  you pay the equal amount of vote coins(as you hav evoted every day for 2 weeks)  and  in gm shop  should be lvl 12 crystal + adena + ancient adena + mantra of the same  color as the crystal

    conclusion  if you have money  fastest way is to donate  if not second fastest way is to vote every day  or if you can't vote evey day or you keep vote reword for something even biger  ....do a lot of farming and buy them from gmshop

    HAVING +16 WEPONS EVEN +12 WEPONS FROM DONATIONS ..IS WHAT MAKE PPL LEVE SERVER so NO DONATIONS FOR +++++ alow donation for enchant scrols but put them in vote and gm shop at biger prices so no discrimination

    i wold like to seemount skins for strider  ...like in the newer cronicles . like the lion  the full armour  horse , the bike etc
    rase flight speed of wyverns to 500   and stryders to 300
    no fun  runing to 190 speed and you buy mount to have speed of 200 ...

    oly no extra buffs than  the self buffs

    all rb on the map make them lvl 85 increse def hp and modify drops  leve de A grade S grade drops  and add mantra x number  equal to an 1 of brutal farming (so you have option farm 1 hour brutal or kill 1 rb and get similar amount of  mantra) ad enchants and blesed enchants  nad clan items  give them resonable %drop chance
    towns npc should have the flag of the clan that  hold the towns castle
    if posible  to add castle  pasiv buf  for all clan that holds that sed castle , diferent castles = diferent pasiv skills

    this is about all i aspectfrom a good lineage 2 server

    i hope some 1 out there wold finaly make a good server with the stats i mentioned

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