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    PWNation Recruiting+
    « on: April 06, 2011, 09:33:15 AM »
    Hello everyone,

    *    I`m glad to represent our old clan that was called PWNation some years ago, the clan was created
    by a guy called "x501" 5 years ago on the server, L2Abyss, but after a year of PWNation`s
    existence the clan got dissolved and our members were distributed all over the Lineage`s world.

    *     After some years, a couple of the PWN`s clan members got reunited and went trough the Lineage`s world to
    find back our leader and the rest of the clan but even after all the search we didn`t succed to find back the leader, neither the old members.

    *     Right here the story had to take an end but it didn`t, so the members that are reunited again
    are willing to recreate the lost clan PWNation

    *     As you may know we are not that many at moment but like I said, me and the rest of the members that are left
    won`t give up and we are willing to recreate the clan we knew before.

    *     If you`re willing to help us to build back this broken house and if you`re searching a new home
    then you know where you`re welcome.

    *     I think our old leader would be happy to see us building again the home, where everyone was
    like a friend, the best friend even more like a brother, to conclude this: LIKE A FAMILY.

    *     Me, as the new leader of this clan is inviting you to this family, so, be a part of us and be
    the one that you were allways willing to be, be a part of PWNation.

                   So..the time came for us to enter the world of Lineage once again but
                     this time, we go together, like a team.

    To join, u need to apply to us.

    We have a forum but it`s a fast made one, soon we`re willing to make a better one, anyway

    Forum: CLICK ME :)

    If you`re willing to get accepted, then you should take care of 3 things:

    1st)You`ll need some English skills(since we, the old members are only English speakers)
    2nd) Teamspeak is a need, w/o Teamspeak it`ll be hard to get into the clan.
    3rd)The activity shouldn`t be too low, neither I`m asking to play 12h`s a day, 3-7 h`s are just perfect.

    You can contact me via msn : [email protected]


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