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    [Request] Stack Subclass NPC (Interlude)
    « on: September 26, 2010, 07:35:49 AM »
    Hi there,

    I`m currently working on a private L2J Interlude server and i came across a little problem. It seems that im stuck on a NPC that can stack a player`s main profession with a subclass of his choice, from the same race, leaving the retail system unharmed. That means the player is able to get a stack sub for every retail.

    I need a NPC that simply puts some condition for the main char in order to get his sub. For example: lvl 76, 3rd class and some quest done. (Get Golkonda`s horn, or smth. Needs to be impossible to make alone). After the quest item is obtained and all conditions met the NPC will award the player with a subclass of his choice from the same race and another quest item non-destroyable, non tradeable...etc (you get the point) that prevents him to get another subclass on the main. The NPC will search for that item in order to award you with a sub. The same for retail, ofc. Got our retail sub and you wanna add another stackable sub to the retail, you do the quest again.

    There are some versions of what i need on the Internet, but none seem to work for me. Some give me script error, some dont even work, many are made for Gracia and making them work on Interlude is a pain in the ass.

    So, if anyone can help me with this, i might even mention them in my prayers or even offer something to work.

    Thank you everyone, for reading everything :) PEACE !

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=1622.0

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