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    Private Server Help
    « on: October 12, 2015, 04:43:16 PM »

    I have windows 10. I have recently been wanting to play Lineage 2 and wanting to play on a private server. I am currently downloading the Ertheia Installer because it seems like the easiest one to use. I am new to the whole private server realm, and would love to know if someone could give me a specific guide on exactly how to go from having nothing on my computer (Any lineage 2 products) To gaming awesomely on a private lineage 2 server. Full set up and everything. Thank you.



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      Re: Private Server Help
      « Reply #1 on: October 12, 2015, 10:06:59 PM »
      Well, in the deal of Windows 10: Every server forum I've checked, they all have a patch for Windows 10. I think is just one more .dll or I don't know since I use Windows 7.

      About the "Private server realm":
       I must say, depending if the server has any customizations, a Patch may contain these folders: System, Systextures, Animations,Textures, Staticmeshes, l2text

      The red colored are the important ones, that are totaly necessary: system is the folder that allows you to connect to the server, systextures and animations are the ones that provide the customizations from the server (Not every server has customizations, so not every server have those folders in their patches)

       I myself don't care to use the green ones, since Textures are just visual stuff, like changing Giran ground with grass and stuff. I don't even know what Staticmeshes does, and l2text is useless.

      To "Patch" your client:

      1- Open the folders you downloaded, copy and paste them into your Lineage 2 directory. (Systextures downloaded to systextures of your installed client).

      2- Once you did the same with all the folders of the patch, Open "system" folder, Run as Administrator L2.exe (To avoid problems)

      About the client, it all depends on what Chronicle you want to play, the most popular ones are Interlude (C6) and High Five (H5/CT2.6) so you'll have to download the Client of the chronicle of your server.

      Interlude is more classic while High Five is very interesting but more complicated. You should try both and decide which to play. (I'm an Interlude player, but I still have the H5 for some cases)
      I haven't seen an Ertheia private server, but there might be some.

      If you have any other doubts don't worry to answer to this topic or Pm me.

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