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    Hello, this is my application for An upcoming Admin/GM Position preferable for H5 Servers.

    Personal Infos:
    Interest(s): Playing Lineage 2 and Graphistic Designs
    Contact informations:
    Facebook: Je browser bijwerken | Facebook

    Gaming Experience infos:

    Since when do you play Lineage 2?: I Play Lineage 2 Since 2008

    In Which servers you were Admin/GM?:I Was Admin/GM On(Server names):L2 Rheina,L2Noble,L2Genion.

    Admin/GM Experience(1/10):10

    Why you have to choose me for your server?:I'm active everyday from early in the morning Until late at night. I can handle servers with custom events and biggest support about player's questions/bug reports.I am a friendly person and i would like to have a nice teamwork with everyone staff member or not... I also would like from everyone to feel myself like their real friend, because i'm aiming of having fun with all of them.

    Did you corrupted in any server?:No Because i hate corruption and i don't want to destroy Server's population. The oposite i would say. I would like to make it top!

    Best Regards;


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