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    Look for Developper/WebDev
    « on: June 14, 2014, 10:02:11 AM »
    Hey guys,my name is Daniel.
    I tried till now to open a server ,start working with a friend to a lindvior server,but both of us didn't had time.Now we have,and we are looking for a partener,who can buy host from a company(we do not accept private host from various reasons).
    That person have to be able to buy the host,to start working on it.Anyway i heard that some company offer trials for 30 days,we can use that to work on pack,and when the time comes,he would have bought the host.We want to start togheter,all 3 of us,work on it,so in time we become friends,and will know if we can trust eachother.
    We gonan use Cronia source and pack.For more info:skype stelist242
    As developper is my friend,which have knowledges in:java/python/html/xtml/etc

    L2 LightBringer

    Hello,my name is Daniel,I have 19 years old,at this moment a recently absolvent,living in Roumania,Suceava city.I started to play Lineage 2 4 years ago,and since then I played on many servers.I don’t have many knowledges in developing,but I  won’t give up at this project no matter what,once I start something I finish it.
    In this team there are 2 players,me,who is taking care of features,future community,and my friend Damian which is the developer.We met 2 years ago,on a lineage 2 server,we played togheter a bit,and after I found that he is a “game developer” with knowledges In python/html/xtml/ssod/cfg files and more.Togheter we want to start the Lineage2 LightBringer server.
    This server will have as features:
    Drop:1x(1x because its easier to set the drop this way)
    Grand Rb:1x
    Gm Shop:
    Armors:Until R99 Normal
    Weapons:Until R99 Normal Weapons
    Jewls:Until R99 normal jewls
    Scrols: D Grade-R grade Enchant Scrols
                Enchant Scrols for Shirts
                Unbind Scrols
    Belts/shirts/bracelets up to r99 with adena.
    Maphr/Elemental/Paagrio Shirt with special coin
    Cloacks:All cloaks except Light Cloaks and Dark Cloaks
    Potions:Hp/Mp/Low Cp potions/Vitality Potion
    Materials:soulstone/spiritsones/escape scrolls etc
    Gemstones:Up to R Grade Gemstones
    Crystals:Up to S grade Crystals
    Appearance Stones
    Buffer: This npc will have as buffs only Iss Enchanter Lv1 Buffs
    All Towns
    All Villages
    Town Areas
    Special Farming Areas
    R Grade Options
                -enchance R grade Set Armor
                -enchance R grade Weapon
                -bestor dark on eternal
                -bestow bloody on ternal
                -bestow dark on amaranthine
                -bestow bloody on amaranthine
    Make Bless Item
    Here you can exchange your normal gear for bless gear(enchantment will be kept)
    Farming Areas Short Description:
    Fairy Settlement: Lifestone Farming Area.Fairy Leader Kimerian will drop Lifestone Instilled with the power of the Giants.
    Garden of Genesis:Adena Farming Area/Custom Coin etc.
    Prison of Darkness:Adena farming/Custom Coin etc.
    Spam is not allowed of Shilen:Elemental Stone Area
    Cemetery inside:Elemental Crystal Area
    Guilotine Fortress:Party Area where will drop good amount of adena,custom coin,bless enchant armor R,SA Crystal.
    Seed of Hellfire:Small party area where will drop adena,custom coin,bles enchant armor R,Sa Crystal
    Orbis Temple:Solo farming area with drops such as adena,custom coin,elemental crystals etc.
    Raiders Crossroads:
    Full party area for good geared people:very good amount of adena,very good amount of custom coins,bless enchant armor,bless enchant weapon,scroll of destruction.
    Land of Chaos: Small party area for good geared people.Adena/bear/bewr/coins
    Note:This server will be made such as an mid rate server
    What this means?This means on that this server it will be fun to farm and worthy,you won’t spend ages to get things,because we dont want you to get angry by farming,but you won’t make be bored because you would have get top gear in 1 day.
    Important:This is not the final description of this project.We will take decisions togheter,how this server will be build.We won’t launch anything,until this server reaches a good shape to be released,we won’t hurry just to open something.

    Update:We are looking at this moment for a webdevelopper that maybe can offer webhost/domain,or we buy togheter.


    Skype: stelist242

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=19385.0
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