Author Topic: Experienced Game Master[GM] looking for a Project.  (Read 546 times)

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    Experienced Game Master[GM] looking for a Project.
    « on: July 03, 2013, 11:29:44 AM »

    hey Everybody, well i made this topic because i'm searching good and stable server to play as"Game Master[GM]".I looking for a nice L2Server and also a good project team to play with.Forward i will give you some info about my self .

    Name : Vladislav
    Age : 19
    Country : Ukraine
    Languages i speak :Greek , English , Russian, Ukranian
    Lineage ][ Experience : i play Lineage ][ 7 years now , had my own server 3 years ago , it was L2J project C6 Interlude with +3 kk online.I Closed it because of personal reasons and because of studies.Also i have been played as Game Master on c4/c6 and Hi5 Clients. The server i've been GM some years ago as i remember right now was L2Juice [L2J] , L2Noid [L2J] , L2Prayer [L2Off] , that's for now because i really don't remember any others for the momment.

    Well what i'm looking from  a team if i get recruited :

    1.I'm looking for "humans" not "no-lifers "
    2.They have to understand me in some cases if i'm busy or i have to log-off , and ofc i will too.
    3.They team need to be no-corrupted , i hate corrupted people. If you are going to recruit me and you're server Staff is corrupted then don't even think about to answer me here.
    4. The team has to speak english , that's for 100% , as i said you can see the languages i'm speaking.
    5. Last one is , i need the Staff to be more than 17 age , and to be serious guys.

    Well for now that is it , forward some of my contact info :

    Skype :Stalker.Unknown

    best Regards , •Åď√åñ©პ™• ;)

    Coppied from MXC [•Åď√åñ©პ™•]

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