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    [HOST] *LF Project* or starting | Take a look!
    « on: February 22, 2011, 10:43:28 AM »

    My name is not that important right now, however I am a very polite guy from Norway.

    Im turning 21 and im working for a local Norwegian company where I am the Data Manager and Chief Technician of our minor datacenter.

    I got my job through the Microsoft Partner Program where I have taken courses for the last two years.

    Back to the point of my thread.

    I recall and remember the old days when school was a struggle and sparetime was like paradise. I played Lineage when I was a teenager, and I remember servers like "Lineage2 Xtreme" back in 2006, and so on.

    Now that I am graduated and have a job with stable incomes I would like to open a server myself. The only issue is that I have zero knowledge when it comes to servers specificly made for Lineage II.

    I have alot of knowledge when it comes to SQL, microsoft .NET and so on, but no knowledge within "Lineage2" emulation.

    Im most comfortable with the Interlude expansion because thats the expansion I've played the most, looking away from C2 and C3 back in 2006

    So basicly im looking for staff members to assist me with the creation of a new server, OR a pre-made project to host for!

    No offence, but Im not going to host for you if your just contacting me and being like "Hi, host my serv plix".

    I want to talk further with you if you have a serious project going on, or if you got knowledge when it comes to servers and want to help me out.

    The dedicated server I'll/we'll use is located at my companys datacenter, so it does NOT need financing!

    Intel Core™ 2 Duo(cores) E8400 @ 3.2GHz
    MSI P45 NEO-F, P45, Socket-775
    Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 6GB @ 800MHz
    Seagate Barracuda 250GB @ 7200RPM
    Matrox M9120 512MB DDR2 Dual Head

    I'll talk more about me and why im doing this via MSN, I can't be arsed writing a majorly huge post about this/that right now.

    You can contact me on MSN "[email protected]" , our through these forums!

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