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Lineage 2 Services Looking for people!
« on: August 22, 2014, 05:33:33 PM »

Hello members of TopZone.
Since me and my old partner stop working on lineage 2 services and we have the domain + host for some months more i decide to make something like a team.
And what i mean?
We can make this site like a team for lineage 2 things only but only for people which they are on our team of Lineage 2 Services.
For example i want to sell a website someone else want to sell a pack someone else want to sell npc's or something we can make this team and make it in one site so a server owner for example can buy things from our services for everything he want on his server from packs,codes,developers,websites,etc.
What i want from you in order to join our team?
Only one thing,you have to be trusted person so you will not destroy anyone else "reputation" from our team.
Why you should join on our team?
We have more than 50 daily visitors w/o any good advertise so imagine if all members of our team advertise our site we will have high amount of visitors daily and also our site will be known on  a lot of forums/sites and we will have more customers.
You can work on our team as:
Web Designer
Java Developer
Client Developer
Graphic Designer
You can check our site here. (Now it's empty since we stop working on it but we can start making topics for our services for example (Teh AsezOner Services with all of my services on topic)
NOTE 1: If you want to join our team you have to know that you will take the money for your job and you will don't take any % money from someone else work.So you don't have to afraid for something like we will steal your money or something!
NOTE 2: We will make one topic here on TopZone and we will update it with every new member services so we will have only 1 topic for sell here on TopZone and customers can check what we will sell on our site.

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=20203.0

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