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    LordofDarkLight Gm Application
    « on: August 16, 2011, 12:20:40 AM »

    Hello ,

    I'm advertising my self about Game Master Application.

    Personality :

    My name is ivan and I'm living in united states of america .I can speak three languages
    English,Spanish and Italian. I'm still studying and I'll work as a guy that sells
    for example houses and stuff like that. I'm a guy that you can work with in a team
    and it doesn't matter what situations it is , I'll still be there for help. I got
    such a nice humor you can talk with me and laugh/cry at the same time. I show
    loads of respect for staff and not only for all the people over the world , its like that
    if you don't respect people you won't get respected and if people doesn't respect me
    I won't respect them. I'm a guy that always want'ed to work not to play or have fun
    I wan't to create for people things by myself thats why I wan't to become Game Master.
    What can I say about me?

    I've been GM/EGM/HGM

    What I'm Looking for:
    - Serious project with hoster and domain.

    What I can do for you:
    - Help players out of their problem.
    - Finding buggs and report.
    - Giving events. (if needed)
    - I've got some great ideas.

    Why should you pick me:
    - I'm a experienced GM, so I know how to act in difficult conditions.
    - I'm willing to work for and with you to get the best possible server.
    - I respect that you are the leader of the projects, that means I'll try
    to come up with idea's and discuss them with you. If you don't like it I
    won't continue about it.
    - I can communicate very well.
    - You wan't a guy to not worry about , then you're safe and here I'm
    - You wan't a guy that will work as hard as he can ? then here I'm
    - You wan't a guy who respect the staff? then here I'm
    - You wan't a guy to help you with everything that I can? then here I'm
    - You wan't a guy that will follow ur orders? then here I'm

    What I expect from you:
    - English speaking community and staff.
    - Consider the server as a serious project.
    - The server has to be balanced.
    - A capable team that takes the server seriously and does not abuse their GM status.

    - Contact me:


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      Re: LordofDarkLight Gm Application
      « Reply #1 on: August 18, 2011, 01:05:32 AM »
      How many hours Online : From 7 - 8  Hours

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