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    Professional Developer/Game Master.
    « on: February 10, 2014, 10:27:11 AM »

    - Ingame name (no yet character)
    - Age
    - Server (or server types) you have played on
    - Do you have any previous experience as a GM?
    1.( I GM'd at L2Stars for a few months until I learned how to admin and program then was an admin) (lowrate-midrate)
    2. I head admined L2Inversion (highest ranking 8th on gamesites top 200) when I started programming in late 2011 (midrate-highrate)
    3. I head admined L2Ruthless (highest ranking 2nd on gamesites top 200) in 2012(midrate-highrate)
    4. I was going to head admin L2FinalWar but decided I didn't have enough time and closed the project.

    - Name reasons why we should choose you
    1. Has used your engine for 2 of my admin'd servers.
    2. Has programming knowledge of all l2j libraries, but also programming 3D video games from scratch (modeling, texturing, marketing). Knows Python,Java,C,C++, variations of assembly, Objective C, C#, php, css, SQL, SSHing.
    3. Part of so have programmed tons of indie games.
    4.Knowledge of SVN subversion control, and GitHub for version control
    5. Has no need to make an in-game corrupt character since I don't play L2 Anymore
    6. Has extensive experience as being an admin/gm.
    7. Worked for NASA in 2013 summer ( has nothing to do with video game programming, but shows that I can do technical stuff)
    8.Born in the U.S. so I can speak perfect english.
    9. Future plans (Working for Treyarch (call of duty) over the summer and part of a 40 person group to make a Unity game)
    10. Won't question superior's orders since I have experience in lower level to higher level positions and will make calm objective decisions based on what the admins want. (Won't be a spoiled GM that rebels or anything; I know that situation is common)
    -Reasons why you shouldn't choose me
    1. I get incredibly busy with work, but sometimes I'm so free, I get bored. I'm hoping this can be a hobby on the side. But, if your looking for just more manpower without anything to loose I'm perfect.

    -What I would want in return? (A GM account as the hiring thing says and credit to any code that I create to show off opensource mod code in resumes to company)

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      Re: Professional Developer/Game Master.
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