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New Auto Donate Panel + ACM
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:45:40 AM »
New fast, easy & secure as possible donation panel for your players.

Buy here: https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/l2-auto-donate-acp/

Image Gallery

DEMO: https://www.denart-designs.com/demo/Shop_2/
Login: test
Password: test

Payment in easy 5 steps:
  • Login with his player username and password.
  • Select the donation Paypal.
  • Select the amount of payment.
  • Pay.
  • Automatically recieve the points in the panel and transfer ingame while he is online (if  you don't have source he must logout)!

  • Full SSL website (forced by htaccess)
  • XSS Protection just in case.
  • Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level
  • Session Validation CSRF protection
  • COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized
  • SQL Injection protection
  • Cookie and Request protection
  • Query String protetion
  • Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there)
  • Invis Google Captcha v3 to check for bots with score

SEO & Public management
  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Analytics Code ready.
  • Where we imply our name is showing config SERVER NAME or SERVER WEBSITE variables

  • Zip Content (faster load)
  • Memory save (unloading global vars)
  • organized code style

  • Payment method Paypal
  • After payment or cancel the user is redirected back.
  • Forget Password with email confirmation and time protection
  • Change Password with email confirmation
  • Register
  • ransfer Donation Points into game
  • Unlock character (no karma, no online) transfer all items in wh and tp to town
  • Easy adapt for all chronicles (all sqls strings located in sql.php)

  • MySQL (PDO Driver)
  • PHP 7.3+
  • 10.2.18-MariaDB

  • Paypal supports sandbox and live.
  • Log System for website and IPN's, Transfers ingame and errors.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Captcha v3 with score system (invisible without click)
  • PHPMailer 6.0.6

  • Website Title
  • Server Name
  • Show Google Captcha
  • Google Analytics Code
  • Use of sandbox in paypal
  • Sandbox/Live Emails
  • Currency Code Payment
  • Item ID/Name for donation
  • Unlimited Donate Prices
  • Database and Server Configs
  • Register minimum password requirement (default 4)
  • Required password numbers/letters (default false)

Files included
  • Website files
  • Java Files for your project in eclipse (aCis, L2JFrozen, Fandc so far asked and supported)
  • SQL Files

Instructions included
  • How to add in game server task manager.
  • Small example of code.

  • Java Server with source (in order to install)
  • PHP 5.6 or 7.3+
  • Cpanel
  • SSL (Needed for paypal)
  • Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) also needed for paypal
  • Apatche (tested on nginx if you can't make it work contact us)
  • MySQL Database
  • Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions)
  • PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php
  • Java how to modify your source with a patch
  • Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files
  • Supports all chronicles with small change
  • No source required it can work with or without

  • 65€
  • Check first reply for special discounts

  • You don't know how to install any of this? - My developer will contact you
  • Developer cost? - FREE
  • Setup time? - Setup time aprox 10min (for more than 1 hour will be a small charge under discussion first)
  • How the developer will get access - Teamviewer on your computer to upload files and install java/sql

Contact Links

Get the panel https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/l2-auto-donate-acp/

Thank you for your support!!! <3

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Re: New Auto Donate Panel + ACM
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