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    Freya Project (Low rate - Mid Rate - PvP) - Stable Project
    « on: October 14, 2016, 07:06:28 PM »
    Hello, i made a project in 2012 and i still develop it and i would like to sell it to someone who is interest in open a serious server. It's not a shared project or random internet files. I can provide test server and test features and stability.

    Project details:
    Chronicle: Freya (Included some features from HighFive)
    Suggest for: Low, Mid, High Rate (Normal or Faction)
    Project Name: L2jAddiction
    Provide Live Test: Yes

    Several Informations:

    • GrandBosses has been configured and tested (including cinematics)
    • Freya Instance has been added - Beleth (Soon)
    • Quests & Instances working retail and tested
    • Config that allow you to adjust skills prohibility (individual or massive)
    • All skills included Kamael has been tested and working
    • Config that allow you to adjust hate of mobs against bishops during heal
    • Faction System (Support unlimited factions) + Faction bases(Capture town) + faction guards mode fully configurable
    • Premium System (Included NPC with automatic paypal donation panel) + Premium Rates, shop, enchants - Buff duration, premium chat. System is fully automaticaly with points and configurable
    • Event Engine with 20 Events + Custom event (Save the Princess, Cannon Shoot, CTF, TvT, Zombie, Gold Digger, Strider Race, Siege War, DeathMatch, Simon Says e.t.c), included event points and map selection per event.
    • Offline trade, Offline Selling buff system
    • Sell buff system via voice command for low rate servers (Players can sell their buffs as private shop)
    • Automatic vote reward System (Hopzone, topzone)
    • Custom hero system, configurable
    • Aion buff system for low rate servers, configurable
    • Mini automatic scheduled events such as Kino, Quiz, Trivial, PkHunter events (exluded from Event Engine)
    • DotA system for PvP (included custom sounds i design)
    • Couple support system (for Couples, work with AOE effect when players are close to each other)
    • Party Reconnect system (Player automaticaly join his previous party in case he disconnect or leave via panel)
    • Bind IP system (Player can bind his Account to his current IP via panel)
    • Bind Location (Player can bind his location and after death he respawn where he bidded via panel)
    • PvP Color system, configurable
    • PvP Rank system, confiruable
    • Tower Defence event
    • Vote NPC individually (for every site)

    Some Photos:

    Further Info:

    You can ask any additional feature you want or any event idea you might have and i'll code it for you.
    I played in my own server as x45 several times and it's perfect and stable for low rate to even high5 or mid.
    You won't find critical problems and it's fully configurable to meet your taste.
    You can ask for Live preview and join the server just add me on skype.

    Contact me:

    Skype: emily.keskory94

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2packs-files/23/freya-project-low-rate-mid-rate-pvp-stable-project/26593/
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      Re: [WTS] Freya Project (Low rate - Mid Rate - PvP) - Stable Project
      « Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 06:49:58 PM »

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