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    Full Community System ZeuS Engine €160
    « on: October 01, 2016, 03:34:50 PM »
    Engine Features:
    ·         Vote system: By personal vote and achivement of vote
    ·         Email Regitration: This system link your account into an Email and send Email from your server
    ·         Change password system: This System let you change your account password. This email you a pin code to change your password.
    ·         Secondary Password: This system let you put a Secondary Access to Your account.
    ·         Antibot system: This system have two option’s. The firt’s is the automatic Antibot check when the player reach x mob kill. And the Another system is that a player can send to another player a antibot check. With a New Blacklist System that give more time in jail.
    ·         Party command: This sytem let you find ppl to your party.
    ·         Party Matching: This system let you on a waiting list for to someone want’s a party width you
    ·         Fixme Windows:  You can make a simple repair into you account characters
    ·         Oly buff Scheme: New system of buff on Oly. This system let you create 5 diferente scheme that you can use on Olys.
    ·         Antipk system: You can block the player that who want’s to kill another new player. This set is by Lifetime and Level.
    ·         Show your Stat: If a player want’s, he can left the another player see this basic stat.
    ·         Dressme:  You can have diferente clothes like a dress. And you can sell the dressme by XML file with 8 different option's.
    ·         Make Ancient Adena command: This command (.makeancientadena) transform all you Spam is not allowed Stone to Ancient adena
    ·         New /gmlist: On this command you can see the Information about the GM, and you can send him a Poke.
    ·         Blocked Chat: You can setting the level and/or pvp a player need to use the chat Channel.
    ·         Oly System:  On this engine you can Ban a player from Oly, give and remove Point with you GM/ADM characters. Fort he player, this system have a New Anti feed system. You can change his templete, remove the name and title from the list and his status bar. Dual Box system. Not allow another registration by the same machine.
    ·         PVP / PK Color System
    ·         PVP / PK Top Effect’s & Annoucement when they log in.
    ·         PVP / PK Custom message
    ·         PVP / PK personal and party reward
    ·         PK Annoucement
    ·         Clan Reputation System by Kill War: This system remove you clan reputation when the war kill some of you clan member and give you clan reputation when a clan member kill a any war clan member
    ·         Cancel Buff System: This System work like this. If a char steal or remove any buff of you, this buff come back on x period of time setting by your self.
    ·         IP BAN system
    ·         Over Enchant alert system
    ·         Dual Box System
    ·         Buff Store Online & Offline with Scheme System: This system let you sell your buff. You can choose the currency, if you want to give free buff to your friend, clan or that the same IP like you use.
    ·         Personal Configuration: Exp / Sp Block, Trade Refusal, Bad buff protection, Hide Store, Public self status, Refusal Mode, Party  Matching refusal, personal effect and annoucement if your are one of the 5 top player, Read Oly Winner Messages.
    ·         My Personal Data: Show you the personal data of your characters and your last 10 connection of your account and your Account/clan premium data.
    ·         Level Up Spot: This sytem when a player reached a determinaded level setting by you, who a Tutorial Windows with a image with the perfect spot to level.
    ·         Class Profession Choose: When the player choose his Profesion, will be apears a tutorial Windows that will offer you an armor and/or weapon to schoose.
    ·         Raid Boss Spawn/kill annoucement with date next respawn date.
    Spoiler Show
    ·         Town War event: This event let a random city or you can choose one, on a war zone. When a player kill to another player this player will be reward, and the merder one too. If you have the Top Player reward, the player how most kill on this event will be have a special reward. You can set all setting of this event in game
    ·         Raid Boss Event: This event spawn a random raid boss on a determinated place that your choose. If the player kill i ton the selected time, this player will be reward it. If the player can not kill the raid boss on the event time, if you have it  set, they will get a reward too.
    Community System (Main):
    ·         Easy characters panel
    ·         My Personal Basic Information
    ·         Faster Server data (Online player, offline player, last restart, Server time, Total Ram, used Ram, If you see the CB by the gm/adm  character, you will see the bug Report list.
    ·         Annoucement System: This system let you create a new annoucement  to all player will see on the CB. The last Annocement will be appers on the CB Main.
    ·         Change Log System: Same like Annoucement System. You can puta ll you server change on this Windows. All player can see and read what change did you do.
    ·         SV Config System: All player can see the Server configuration by automatic or manual data.
    ·         Features, Event and Playgame system: You can put information about it.
    ·         Top Player System: You can see all top player, when you press Char info, you can see basic information about his player. The admin can set whasta value can show and dont show.
    ·         Heros system: You can see all characters héroes by race.
    ·         Clan System: You can see all basic information about a clan, his member, war, ally.
    ·         Castle information: You can show the owner and another data.
    ·         Clases Stadistic system: You can see the stadistic aboou all clases ad profession.
    ·         Command: This show you all command.
    ·         Donation: You will see the Donation Market
    Spoiler Show
    Community System (Engine):
    ·         Scheme Buffer: With new features like Icon, free scheme, etc.
    ·         Go Party Leader: This let you teletransporting to your party leader.
    ·         Go Flag: You can find someone flag by random or PK priority and kill him.
    ·         Teleport:  You can add more spot in game, you dont need a html files
    ·         Shop: Like teleport, you can add more option in game.
    ·         Warehouse
    ·         Augment manager
    ·         Subclass Manager
    ·         Profession manager
    ·         Drop Search
    ·         PvP / Pk Log: When you kill or someone kill you, this data is recorder on database, and you can see how many time someone kill you-
    ·         Symbol maker system
    ·         Bug report manager
    ·         Transformation Manager
    ·         Remove Attribute system
    ·         Manual Enchant System: You can schoose the enchant
    ·         Manual Augment System: You can schoose the Augment that you want
    ·         Manual Elemenetal System: You can schoose the element that you want
    ·         Raid Boss Information Manager: You can see and found all raid boss on your server, and see his stat, minions, teleport to him, or just observer it.
    ·         Blacksmith Manager
    ·         Miscelanius Manager: You can buy a Noble status, fame, change you characters name or clan name and more.
    ·         Dressme Manager
    ·         Party Matching Manager
    ·         Auction House: You can sell your ítem with a special currency if you want. When you sell something offline, you will notify on the next Login. The ítem fee it’s automatic by the ítem Price on the xml file. You can set the % on the Zeus properties.
    ·         Castle manager system
    Spoiler Show
    Community System (Region)
    ·         You can see all player of the world or in your región
    ·         This have information about time, restart, and time of the sever.
    ·         You have color link with the noble player, death player, jailed, etc.
    ·         You can see basic information by clic kit the name
    ·         If you click a player name with the gm char, you can teleport to him automatic.
    Community System (clan)
    ·         You have a new clan notice system with a previe option
    ·         All clan member can use a personal Forum.
    Community System (Grand Raid Boss info)
    ·         You can see the information about jewel drop, respawn, status, and his setting.
    Community System (Find Party Manager)
    ·         On this option you have all player who wants player to his party, with the message, party member, time, and the button request.
    ·         When you send a party request, you have to wait to the anwer.
    ·         When you recibe a party request, show by a tutorial Windows the class, level of the player and the refuse, accept or refusell all party request.
    Donation Manager (Option’s and setting’s):
    ·         This donation system have a notification system.
    ·         Change char Name
    ·         Change Clan Name
    ·         255 Recommendation
    ·         Noble
    ·         Sex Change
    ·         Aio Char normal: A simple player who have all buff (no skill enchant)
    ·         Aio Char +30: With enchant skill
    ·         Character Level: You can set the Level and Price by XML
    ·         Fame: You can set the fame to give and the Price by XML
    ·         Reduce PK: You can set the PK Ammount to reduce and his Price by XML
    ·         Clan Level: You can set the Level and Price by XML
    ·         Clan Skill: You can set the skill’s and Price by XML
    ·         Clan Reputation: You can set the Reputation and Price by XML
    ·         Enchat Item: You can set the Enchant and cost by XML. Armor and Weapon have diferent setting, Price and enchant
    ·         Elemental Item: You can set the value of the armor or weapon and cost by XML
    ·         Premium Service: You can set Diferente Premium System by XML. This have to option, account Premium and Clan Premium. All Premium have this features that you can set diferent on each Premium servirse that you want to create, diferente duration and cost.
    §  More Exp %
    §  More SP %
    §  More Adena %
    §  More Spoil %
    §  More Drop %
    §  More K. Epaulette %
    §  Craft Chance
    §  Masterwork Craft Chance
    §  Can use Buff with enchant from the Buffer system
    §  Can add more Minutes to the buff duration
    §  More chance on Soul Crystal leveling.
    NEW 2016, October 30:
    ·         Instance Manager with pay to remove penalty
    ·         Sell Account System
    ·         Sell Clan System
    ·         Account's recovery system by Email
    ·         Raid Boss Event with anti AFK system
    ·         New GM Panel with Survey System
    ·         Sell Clan System
    ·         Premium system with Hero Status
    ·         Email system from Server
    ·         New Donation Notification System
    ·         New Dressme System with try Option
    ·         Premium system with Hero Status
    ·         HTML Desing for Email
    ·         Move char to another Account System
    ·         Combine Talisman
    ·         Buff Store with Scheme


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