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    GvEProject.ml Faction Sourcer + SVN
    « on: May 04, 2016, 12:52:40 AM »

    QuoteF.A.Q Quick
    Current Rev: 7.0 (360)
    Oficial Page: GvEProject.ml
    Facebook Page: http://fb.me/l2jfaction

    Skype: facebook:paul.emilio.90
    Email: [email protected]

    Quote[L2jFaction System]
    System { GvE & RvB }
    GvE/Gods vs Evils: Races vs Races. {Automatic Faction select to create character.}
    Gods/Green: Human, Elven, Women Dwarft
    Darks/Red: Orcs, Men Dwarft, Dark Elven.

    RvB/Reds vs Blue: Normal Faction {Select faction in game, Npc Faction Manager}
    [L2jFaction Farm System]
    Farm And Drop System: PVP {Killing Enemy}
    Exp/Sp: {Normal and +VIP - Configure in Config File}
    Adena/AA: {Normal and +VIP - Configure in Config File}
    Scrolls Enchant: {Normal and +VIP - Configure in Config File}
    Craft System: {Normal and +VIP - Configure in Config File}
    Other Items/Materials: {Normal and +VIP - Configure in Config File}
    Quote[L2jFaction Core]
    Auto Respawn & Return to City
    Guards System: Guards Attak in range of 1250, Killing Guards And Guards attak enemy faction.
    Capturing Flags and Spawn Faction Guards.
    Change Maps { Configure time in Config file }
    Unlimited Maps { Add in DB & XML }
    Vote Map System
    Return base to end one map.
    To Enter World and return the base automatically
    Killing Spress, Effect Red Sky to 1 kill, Especial Effect to 5 Consecutive kills.
    Special Buffs: A one windows opened and Select Malaria, Other buffs to + 3,6,9,15 Consecutive kills.
    Hero until die: +20 Kills.
    Monument of Killing And Death.
    Quote[L2jFaction Event Manager]
    Event Manager And Randoms Events.
    Windows to select event.


    Changes Logs [IL]
    REV 7.0 (360) Currently working.
    • Updating sourcer to last rev of aCis 360
    • Updating AutoRespwan
    • Removed Guard System
    • Add New Guard System
    • Refresh tomorrow this page to more updates.

    REV 6.0 (356)
    • Reprogrammed Guard system (6.0)
    • Change rang of guard attak to default 1250 (6.0)
    • Reprogrammed AutoRespawn (6.0)e Html System (10 Npcs) (6.0)
    • Add fixed button in kill to all players. —-//fixed button configure to go city home./ (6.0)
    • Reprogrammed Buffer (Add: Heavy, Light, Robe: automatic button buff) (6.0)
    • Add ZoneInstance for Raidboss&GrandBoss (6.0)
    • Add Noblesse instance, Killing Barrakiel (6.0)

    REV 5.0: (aCis 350)
    • Add zone only to play a faction game (WarZone).
    • Add reward (Adena/Sp/Items/Etc) only in (War Zone).
    • Add effect after died. (Only in War Zone).
    • Add limit in faction team.
    • Add reward to party.
    • Add limit in Party member in relation with healer.
    • Add limit in clan member with 15 PPL x Clan.
    • Add Limit 1 Clan x Ally.
    • Add Effect with select a faction team or change team.

    REV 4.0: (aCis 345)
    • Updating aCis Sourcer to last of moment.
    • Removed Guard (unstable in java
    • reworking complete spawn of base flag and uncapturable flags.
    • reprogrammed the AI of interact (Npc/Pc/Object)
    • Add Limited of weapon/armor/jewells /etc in AI files (Crystal.A && S)
    • Add Drop in Player (Adena/Items/etc)
    • Add SP to Killing enemy and Flags
    • Removed zones of war leaving only Giran town and Dark Elven Villages to testing server.

    REV 3: (aCis 340)
    • Killed and dropped the Origin code, very bugged and unstable.
    • Updating some code of origin.
    • Update and change relationship on code with java 7 to 8.
    • Remove some jar.
    • clean code.
    • reworked code.
    • Removed Limit and more from origin code.

    REV 1/2.0: (aCis 258)(Origin) bugged – unstable – backdoor
    • Fixed backdoor
    • more stable, not much.
    • 30% clean, 70% only bug.

    AND +
    Contact me for more about and support.
    Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25925.0
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      Re: [WTS] GvEProject.ml Faction Sourcer + SVN
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