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    L2Anody Cheap Sell Pack !
    « on: March 21, 2014, 04:25:17 PM »
    Here The Site Of Server:http://l2anody.com/


    Server rates:
    5000x EXP
    5000x SP
    5000x Adena
    1x drop

    Enchant rates:
    Normal Scroll 75%
    Blessed Scroll 99% Max +13
    Crystal Scroll 40% Max +14
    Safe +4
    Max +14

    Server features:
    Chronicle : Interlude.
    Olympiad Hero 1 Week
    Custom shops in town.
    Auto Learn Skills.
    56 buffs slotsarrow-10x10.png.
    NPC Buffer.
    Fully working clan system
    Class manager for freearrow-10x10.png class change
    Sub Class max 4
    Farm Zones
    Augument chance 20% (1+1)
    Class Master
    Auto Learn Loot
    Auto Learn Skills
    .online command
    Wedding System
    Custom Gatekeeper
    SubClass Quest
    Offline Shop mode


    No-Custom Server!


    Many Custom Commands Like .menu,.donate

    All Working Perfect!

    No Bugs No Error Tested In Windows!


    2 Peace Zones.

    4 Farming Area!

    2 PvP Area!



    Siege Manager!


    Custom Shop!

    Global Gk!

    Grand Boss Manager!

    Custom Buffer!

    Augment Buffer!

    And More Npc!



    A Very  Good Pack I Think Has Many Custom Features  It is L2JFrozen Based On Acis!


    Pack + Backup:20Euro

    Pack + Backup + Source:30Euro!


    Aceppt Payments:




    I Will Not Attempt To Scam AnyBody. Have Fun :)


    U Can Send Me Here A Message. For Another Way Contact With Me In Skype Name:Antrian5!

    Photos Will Add Soon!


    See This :http://prntscr.com/32w9dg :After Go To Site:http://l2anody.com/  U Cann See It Again Is For U Can Know That I Don't Attempt Scam :);)


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