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    L2Elite Server [C4-x45]
    « on: March 16, 2016, 05:38:07 AM »
    Hello everyone, some of you might know me from: Invalid subject
    i've made a server 100% like L2Elite (which is a mid pvp C4 x45 server).
    Server was running for 2 weeks with 6 players (beta testers) inside and i found only 2-3 problems that i fixed.

    What you get:

    • Great skill formulas - Reworked c4 skills - Balance
      Elite Armors - Elite jewelers - Dusk (Client include)
      5 Skills from Interlude
      Hero Skills
      Npc's with nice html design (GM SHOP, BUFFER)
      Aio buffers for players
      All boss tested and working
      Nobless-Subclass quest tested and working
      Default quests examined one by one.
      Stats between custom armor and default armors (for balance) are adjusted
      Support and any new code you want.

    There is a beta server if you want to join as player and play with your friends.
    Pm me at skype: unst0ppabl32
    for information / buy / or join test server.
    Thanks a lot.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2packs-files/23/l2elite-server-c4-x45/25621/
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