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    L2Novus - x5000 Interlude PvP Server
    « on: August 19, 2014, 04:15:04 PM »

    L2Novus Pack + Source is now for sale! -- (40 Euro) - Website will be included with package!

    Skype: L2Novus


    • Experience x5000
    • Skill Points x5000
    • Adena x500
    • Starting Level 1

     - Server Commands -
    • .online
    • .event
    • .menu
    • .repair
    • .vote
    • .reward

     - NETWORK -
    • 1Gbps Network
    • 99% Uptime
    • DDOS Protection
    • Anti-Bot

    • Safe Enchant: +3
    • Normal Scrolls: 70% Rate, +10 Maximum Enchant - Fail = break!
    • Blessed Scrolls: 75% Rate, +10 Maximum Enchant - Fail = return to +0
    • Crystal Scrolls: 50% Rate, +12 Maximum Enchant (WEAPONS ONLY) - Fail = reduced by 1!

    We have made a limit system, so you won't be able to stick an active skill with a passive skill. When you remove your augmented weapon, if you had an active buff with it, it will be removed.

    • Top Grade LS: 17% Rate
    • High Grade LS: 13% Rate
    • Mid Grade LS: 5% Rate

    - EVENTS -
    You can use .events at any time to see the automated TvT, CTF and DM schedule and register as-well.
     • Team vs Team (TvT)
     • Capture The Flag (CTF)
     • Deathmatch (DM)

    - NPC -
     We have plenty of NPCs nicely spawned in our main town and a few spawned at the other lonely towns.
    • Novus Gatekeeper
    • Novus Buffer
    • GM Shop
    • Services Manager
    • Donation Manager
    • Siege Manager
    • Wedding Manager
    • High Priest
    • Top Players
    • PvP Informer
    • Raidboss Informer
    • Server Informer
    • Class Master
    • Casino Dealer

    - CURRENCY -
     We made a coin for each one of our needs, we kept adena as main currency.
     • Adena
     • Donation Coin
     • Vote Coin
     • Farm Coin
     • Event Coin

    - EXTRA -
    Additional information about our server.

     • Auto-Learn Skill
     • 2 Hour Buffs
     • Custom Tattoo
     • Wedding System
     • Geodata
     • Raidboss Announcement
     • Shout Chat - Enabled
     • Grade/Weight Limit- Disabled
     • Death Penalty - Disabled
     • Language Chat Editor

    - ZONES -
    We've created some custom zone and mini-raids.

    • Starting Zone - Beautiful Entrance
    • Medium Farm Zone - Forbidden Gateway
    • Party Farm Zone - Pagan Temple
    • A zone with a few mini-raids - Primeval Isle
    • Once you start hitting a mini-raid, you'll be PvP flagged.
    Besides farming zones there are raid-boss zones which all are auto PvP flag except Barakiel zone.

    Information regarding how to obtain Epic Jewls and Noblesse!

    • We have 4 grand-bosses that you'll need quest item to teleport (obtained from our shop, no quest needed) and along with them we have a few more.

     • You can obtain epics through farming and events! Another way, you can gather your clan and start raiding! Raid-bosses drop epic jewels, one for each boss. Along with the epic drops, there are more like Enchant Scrolls, Life Stones and Book of Giants.

     • To become Noblesse, you'll need to double click on Caradine's Letter. You won't need a quest to obtain Caradine's Letter, you can get it through events or you can raid Barakiel. Barakiel drops 9 Caradine's Letters but if you already have one picked up, you can't pick-up another one!

    Olympiad is a nice and competitive way of playing the game, isn't it? Besides the anti-feed, we wanted to enhanced it a bit for you!

    • Total Damage & Opponent Class: When you'll be teleported inside olympiad you'll get a message regarding your opponent's class, when the match will end you'll see the total damage you dealt and the total damage your enemy dealt.

    • Skills Reuse: When you'll be teleported to the arena, all of your skills will be ready for use so you can fight the match to the fullest!

    • Ranking: Ranks are updated almost every 30 minutes and you can see when the ranking was last updated, besides the rank you can see the points of the people who are listed there.

    • Timing & Period: Period is weekly and olympiad runs 6 hours every day but Sunday which is the day that the period ends.

    - PvP SYSTEM -
    We wanted to make PvPs a bit interesting but without overwhelming the game-play with weird systems. We tried to make it fun and keep it simple.
    • Open-World: Lineage II is an open-world game, so why limit PvP? You can PvP anywhere you want! But remember that massive PvP usually happens in the zones we already have!
    • Colors: Just to make it a bit more spicy there are some great colors for specific amount of PvPs that will make you look bad-ass!
    • Half Hour PvP: Every 30 minutes the player with the most PvPs within this time will be rewarded!
    • Time-spree: If you manage to get a double, triple, quadra, or pentakill within an interval of time you'll be rewarded with glory and recognition!
    • Killing-spree: An uncapped spree system without time limit, and triggered at specific spree-kills to reward you. But remember, you must not die in between!
    • Killer Message: When you'll get killed by someone a timed message will appear on screen with the killer's name, CP and HP at the moment he/she killed you.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=20163.0

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