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    Lineage 2 Eola Files for Sell. (Best Java Interlude Files)
    « on: October 07, 2018, 01:07:46 PM »

    Lineage 2 Eola it's selling its files

    Some words about Lineage 2 Eola Servers

    On the files worked best developers of Java community such as Katara and Anarchy

    The server has been going and working on it for 3 years.

    Lineage 2 Eola as most of the people know has the best java files so far

    because of the perfect gameplay and features and content, we added and worked on it.

    Lineage 2 Eola Was and it's one of most Populated PvP Servers in Java Community

    Many seasons where open and they were all successfully with tons of players

    and very big upcoming in Donations.

    We're Selling Compiled Pack of Lineage 2 Eola as cheap as 250 Euro(If you buy the compiled files, the files will be Binded in 1 IP)

    We're Selling the Full Source of Lineage 2 Eola at 600 Euro(Source will be truly yours, not Ip Binded)

    Many people were interesting on buying our files, so now here is your chance.

    Server Features?

    Well so many features you can discover, and all our features are on Configs, for the better control of Administrator (Me)

    Eola Has features which other servers never made them before

    We have lots of more features of which are not yet discovered by the Community,

    Which we let them for a feature update

    You will get however the full Package with the Updates and everything.

    Payments Methods to Pay

    western union

    Bank Transfers

    Wire Transfers


    Paypal (Only from Moderators, very trusted persons)


    Skype: [email protected]

    Some Media from our server:

    Can find much more media on youtube or google

    Thank you

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