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    Lineage 2 FandC Package

    Lineage 2 High Five - Professional Server

    Technical Side

    1. All quest and instances working
    2. Everything inside is made in java, nothing python
    3. Skills using official formulas
    4. We are not using l2jserver, we are using a source which follow all official methods.
    5. Simulate Official Kernels
    6. LameGuard methods included in source. Everyone is able to get HwID Methods. ( also my customers get big discount for lameguard )
    7. Improved Geodata engine
    8. Static data are moved from sql to xml for increase server performance


    Retail Services - are configurable:

    1. Prime Shop
    2. Character Password at login
    4. LectureMark
    5. Minigame with high scores
    6. BotReport Button - in normal mode and transform mode
    7. Birthday

    Custom Services - all services are configurable - are situated in community board:

    1. Service nick change for pet/char
    2. Baby pet exchange
    3. Change sex
    4. Change base class
    5. Separate subclass ( create new char of your subclass )
    6. Title Color
    7. Nobless Sell
    8. Clean PK's
    9. Expand Inventory
    10. Expand Warehouse
    11. Expand Clan Warehouse
    12. Change Clan Name
    13. Level up
    14. Delevel
    15. Character Move ( Move your character from one account to other )

    [ More Details Soon ... ]

    Lameguard offer discounts for all of my customers !!!!

    All other sellers who pretend are from FandC team is a lie i'm the single seller.

    Contact Informations:

    Skype: duma.c  - Romania
    Mail: johnny_x15@yahoo.com - i verify very rare the mail so better use my skype in order to contact me
    Site: http://fandc.ro

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2packs-files/23/lineage-2-fandc-project-professional-high-servers/17985/

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