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    [Sell] High Five Server Pack
    « on: March 01, 2012, 12:43:10 PM »
    Hello there.. I have one good pack. Chronicle : High five - So down bellow i will write the fixed features!

    * Zones for the New Olympiad Stadiums.
    * Curse/Mass Gloom: a ranged dark magic attack effect has been added.
    * Corpse Burst: Darkness attribute is added to the skill impact.
    * Vampiric Mist: The reuse time is decreased.
    * Flame Icon: It no longer overlaps the Totem skills.
    * Spirit of Shilen: It no longer overlaps the Totem skills.
    * Dance of Medusa: The Petrify effect no longer overlaps this skill.
    * Thorn Root: The re-use time was increased.
    * Ghost Piercing: a Dark damage over time effect was added.
    * Soul Vortex: MP cost for Magic skills decreased by 20%.
    * Dark Flame: The reuse time was reduced.
    * Rapier Mastery: When a Rapier is equipped, the Casting Speed now increases by 15%. This effect is applicable from the mastery obtained at level 40.
    * The time limit for Olympiad Warrior’s Ring, Olympiad Warrior’s Earring, and Olympiad Warrior’s Necklace has been increased from 30 days to 60 days.
    * H5 “Noblesse characters can us the /olympiadstat command on other players to check their Olympiad points, personal records, and remaining number of matches”.
    * Flame Hawk: a Fire Damage over Time effect is added.
    * Arrow Rain: a wind damage over time effect was added.
    * Ghost Piercing: a Dark damage over time effect was added.
    * Skill for the new Earring of Zaken.
    * New High Five Items.
    * Minor fix for “Wrong parameter count” when using /loc in some locations.
    * Burning Chop: The requirements for using this skill were all changed to melee weapons.
    * Collector’s Experience: This skill can now be used with a sword. Additionally, there is a chance that Collector’s Fortune will activate when using Crushing Strike.

    * H5 Grand Olympiad Enhancements…
    * Points are now accumulated as follows:
    - 10 points for reaching Noblesse for the first time.
    - 10 more points every week.
    - A total of 50 points are given to every player during each Olympiad cycle.
    * Olympiad Point settlement rules have been changed to the following:
    - Rank 1 – Top 1%: 120 points (Before) 100 points (After).
    - Rank 2 – Top 10%: 80 points (Before) 75 points (After).
    - Rank 3 – Top 25%: 55 points (Before) 55 points (After).
    - Rank 4 – Top 50%: 35 points (Before) 40 points (After).
    - Rank 5 – Below 50%: 20 points (Before) 30 points (After).
    * Hero bonus has changed from 180 points to 200 points.
    * The minimum number of matches in which you must participate to receive point rewards has been increased from 9 matches to 15 matches.
    * Little update in one SystemMessage description.
    * Option – Login Server Restart every 24(configurable) hours.
    * Configuration for what type of chat should use banchat command.
    * Missing part for new banchat config in clientpackets. This option allow to use voice command while chat banned.
    * Levels Range Condition.
    * New Protocol.
    * Some random little code optimization and possible NPE fixes.

    If u need any information about the price contact me via msn: [email protected]

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=6637.0

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