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    Sell Interlude Files Http://l2Quincy.com Pack+Source+Sql
    « on: October 04, 2013, 01:58:51 PM »
    Skype gevorakospro
    - Server is Online
    Sick of all the these homemade servers shutting down one by one? Bored by playing on servers where you easily obtain fully enchanted s-grade within hours? Tired of corruption and unserious servers? Do you want to find a server where you can settle and enjoy the game? Then you are at the right place. We are currently working too hard to make this server balanced and enjoyable! Our staff will never ask for your account password, if you are asked by someone saying they are with our staff it is probably a scam, so don't give your account info to anyone!
    Exp : x2000
    Esp : x2000
    Drop : x1
    Adena : x1
    Safe Enchant : +2
    Normal Enchant Max : +10
    Blessed Enchant Max : +10
    Crystal Enchant Max : +13
    Armor - Jewelry
    Normal Enchant Max : +8
    Blessed Enchant Max : +8
    Crystal Enchant Max : +10
    Enchant Scrolls (Chance)
    Normal Enchant Weapon : 70%
    Blessed Enchant Weapon : 100%
    Crystal Enchant Weapon : 60%
    Normal Enchant Armor : 55%
    Blessed Enchant Armor : 90%
    Crystal Enchant Armor : 60%
    Lifestone Chances
    Mid Grade Lifestone : 10%
    Top Grade Lifestone : 18%
    You can have 1 Active & 1 Passive Skill
    - Auto-Learn Skills
    - Balanced Classes
    - Wedding System
    - Clan Hall System
    - Castle Siege System
    - Clan Penalty : OFF
    - Weight Penalty : OFF
    - Armor Penalty : ON (This means that if you are mage you can't wear Heavy/Light)
    - New characters start with 500kk adena
    - Subclass w/o Quest
    - Max Subclasses = 4
    - Max Subclass level = 80
    - There can be 3 Clans in 1 Alliance
    - All Noblesse Skills
    - All Hero Skills
    - All Augmentation Skills
    - All flood protections
    - Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 3 Hour
    - C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
    - Interlude Skills 99% Working
    - All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
    - All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
    - Unstuck Command 15 seconds
    - GM Shop
    - Buffer
    - Global Gatekeeper
    - Augmenter
    - Skill Enchanter
    - Clan Manager
    - Noblesse Manager
    - Raidboss Status
    - Account Manager
    - Warehouse
    We have added some unique and helpful commands.
    .online (Shows Online Players atm)
    .sms (You can send an email to a player even if he is not Online)
    .read (You can read your inbox emails)
    .bowitems (Draconic Bow, Draconic Leather Armor Set, Tatteo Jewel Set)
    .mageitems (Arcana Mace, Dark Crystal Armor Set, Tatteo Jewel Set)
    .tankitems (Forgotten Blade, Imperial Crusader Armor Set, Tatteo Jewel Set)
    .daggeritems (Angel Slayer, Draconic Leather Armor Set, Tatteo Jewel Set)
    .maintown (You will be teleported to our Main Tonw - Giran)
    .gooly (You will be Teleported to our Olympiad Town - Schuttgard)
    .menu (Our Menu Panel will pop-up)
    - Orders Manager
    * Orders Manager is a unique NPC that you can order a Bounty for a player, which means that you can write a player's name on the Bounty list and offer an amount of vote coins or farm coins for the death of that person.
    ( ex. I can write a player named "Quincy" and I can offer 5 Vote Coins for his death, so the first person that will kill "Quincy" will get 5 Vote Coins from me )
    - Village Master
    * There is a unique NPC called "Village Master" and it can be found only in Main Town. This NPC can create a Clan or an Alliance for you. You can also make a subclass just by visiting this NPC.
    - Armor Replacement
    * So, here is one of the most important edits we've done. We have replaced the some armors with Apella but just on Client Side which Means that the stats are the same as the Original Armors. What I mean is that when you are wearing Draconic Leather Armor it looks like you're wearing Apella Light Armor but the stats are exactly those of Draconic Armor.
    We thought it would be nice to have something "custom" but we didn't want to mess up the balance so we just changed the Client Side and the Balance is the same as it was. We will upload a patch with the replaced armors and we will also upload the the original armorgrp file. So, if someone doesn't like our idea of this replacement, can just download the original armors and paste it to his system folder.
    - Siege Register
    * This NPC can be found in Main Town, by visiting this NPC you can register your clan in any castle you want. This means that you don't need to go outside the castle you want to, you can register just by sitting in Main Town.
    - Giran Respawn
    * As we said above, we chose the Town of Giran to be our Main Town, so we also added this feature. Whereever you are, if you press "To Village" you'll be respawned in the Town of Giran.
    ( ex. If you are at Monastery of Silence and get killed, by pressing "To Village" you will be teleported to Giran )
    - Mass PvP Area
    * Once you enter this area you'll become flaged, this area is named Primeval Island and it has 3 Spawns.
    We decided to add some custom raidbosses on our server
    - Ketra's Hero Hekaton
    Drops : (Soon)
    - Queen Shyeed
    Drops : (Soon)
    - Sailren
    Drops : (Soon)
    - Uruka
    Drops : (Soon)
    ( You can check if Raid Bosses are Online by visiting the npc called "Raidboss Status" )
    NCyr7mg.png            2aAqyXB.png
    - Announcements
    * Images will be uploaded soon!
    * Stay tuned for more Features!

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