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    [WTB] Server Pack
    « on: November 19, 2015, 09:51:52 AM »
    Hi everyone, i wanna buy server pack c6-H5

    First of all need those things in server pack:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!SERVER PACK MUST BE READY TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Votemanager

    2. L2off skills

    3. Source

    4. Server without any big bugs.

    5. Server must be server developer, not some guy resell packs.

    6. Server pack must be english

    7. Server must be add lots work.

    8. Server must be high rates.


    Bonus think i wanna, but if not add its okey.

    1. More events that 3

    2. Server can be custom, no custom,

    3. Server will be good if AVD

    4. If server is good, i can pay lot.

    5. Server 90% balanced, oly aka pvp

    6. Server must be professional pack

    7. Bonus, if server pack Lucera.(But i can't speak russian)

    8. Server will be whit cool features.

    9. Server is c6


    But first, i need check test server, if you can't open test server atleast i wanna check files whit teamviewer.

    Hmmm, its will pay whit paypal



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    Have nice day. :)


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