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      Welcome to l2jxtreme private project

      What you will see here
      • General info about the pack
      • Purchasing Rules
      • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
      • Photos (Server Side)
      • General Information
      • Test Server connect information
      • Contact

      Hi there, welcome to my topic what I am going to show you is about a good working 3year live server that has been builded in private by 2 experienced developers 3 years now under good payment, since they decided that they can't spend time for the server anymore and since we earned a big total amount by the server donations we decided to discontinue our age brings other responsibilities, we loved the project so I come here to give it with a small amount as appreciation to the work we done, it comes under some rules/cir*stances.

      By purchasing this server pack you agree and understand the following
      • This pack is emulating linage 2 official in java language.
      • This pack is not 100% without bugs (not even official was bugless back in the time).
      • Not all GB has been fixed yet Fritezza and Zaken since we worked most on performance/balance.
      • We worked on nexus events that they were abandoned original developer they still need some work, some configuration doesnt work.
      • Do not purchase the pack without testing it first I provide you our test server below.
      • If you think the price is expensive then this pack is not for you.
      • The server have recorded 1284 players as top without restarting for 1 month our dedicated was pinging at 1 ms (without DDOS)!
      • If you don't know how to edit/setup the server you have to pay a developer for this I will only help you setup the server for free.
      • You don't get backup of the server because it contains sensitive information about our users and under the server rules was implied that we won't share or give any information away, with the closing of the server this data has been destro*.
      • The server has been reverted to Low rate values and turned the custom configuration to False.

      • Can I open the server today on my dedi?
            Yes you can (since you got open ports you install the db and you are ready to go)
      • Can I open low rate server?
            Yes you can quests are working.
      • Can I open high rate server?
            Yes you can you can disable anything you don't want such as quest and npc/monster spawns.
      • The skills working?
            Yes like official fishing/noblesse/heroe/normal and missing skills worked on our live server.
      • Can I open low rate server?
            Yes you can quests are working.
      • Does this pack contains source files?
            This pack doesn't contain the source files.
      • The pack is based on?
            This pack is based on aCis files latest rev.
      • How can I know what you have fixed?
            I kept a detailed changelog since the beginning of the project and its really big.
      • How I can see all this you said is real?
            You can join in my test server(most of the day is open details below).
      • What is the price of the pack?
            70€ We can discuss the price in skype
      • Can I disable or enable custom codes?
            Yes ALL the mods have enable / disable option via config files.
      • What if I have more questions?
            My Skype is
            prophet.furion a blue screen for photo
      • What Java Version I need?
            Project working with Java JDK 1.8 installed.

      I will continue with some photo examples
      You can download the configs hereMore than 30 EventsFree Tools

      General information
      • Antharas (L2OFF)
      • AntQueen (L2OFF)
      • Baium (L2OFF)
      • Core (L2OFF)
      • Orfen (L2OFF)
      • Sailren (L2OFF)
      • Valakas (L2OFF)
      • Clan Re*tion Item
      • Lucky Scrolls
      • Random Reward Box
      • Skill Giver
      • Custom Balancer With 31 Editors
      • Full Armor And Weapon Restrictions
      • Skills rework like L2official

      Custom Npc's
      • Fast Augment
      • Donate Manager
      • Requester Npc
      • Wyvern Manager
      • Wedding System
      • Protector
      • Scheme Buffer
      • Effect Buffer
      • Change & Add Subcl* At Any Village Master
      • Account Manager
      • Rebirth Manager
      • Vortex Vote Reward Npc
      • Custom Enchant Npc
      • Services Npc
      • Achievements
      • Boss Info
      • Bug Report
      • Siege Manager
      • Casino
      • Cl* Changer
      • Vip Manager
      • Normal GateKeeper
      • Deleveler
      • Noblesse Manager
      • Smart Shop (Sell Enchanted Items)
      • God System
      • Achievements Engine (x24 default) recomment up to 60
      • High Rate Dark Omen
      • Strider Race
      • Olympiad Full Working
      • All Official Interlude Retail Events
      • Phoenix Event Engine (x18 Events)
      • DeathMatch
      • Domination
      • Double Domination
      • Last Man Standing
      • Lucky Chests
      • Simon Says
      • Team vs Team
      • VIP Team vs Team
      • Zombie
      • Capture the Flag
      • Russian Roulette
      • Bomb Fight
      • Mutant
      • Battlefield
      • Hunting Grounds
      • Raid in the Middle
      • Korean TvT
      • Treasure Hunt
      User Commands
      • .res
      • .mailsend .mailread
      • .online
      • .info
      • .version
      • .rates
      • .pincode (Player types 4 digit code or Locked) an alter protection
      • .gearscore
      • .details
      • .menu it will pop up until configurable level on user entrance
        • 2 available skins to use
        • Account Manager
        • Server Machine Info
        • VIP Rates/Configs
        • Server Rates
        • Server Misc Configs
        • Server Basic Settings
        • Clan Settings
        • Enchant info.
      • .withdraw .deposit
      • .getreward
      • .farm1 .farm2 .farm3
      • .pvp1 .pvp2 .pvp3
      • .giran .dion .aden .gludio .rune .heine .goddard .schuttgart .oren
        Supported types of geodata
        • L2OFF    (using filename e.g. 22_16_conv.dat)
        • L2J    (using filename e.g. 22_16.l2j)
        • L2D    (using filename e.g. 22_16.l2d)
        • Full Flood Protector
        • L2Tower/Phx blocked using CatsGuard.
        • Character Name Restriction
        • PvP Protection (IP Clan Ally Party LVL PDef PAtk etc)
        • LastIp System Protection
        • Block Augment Skills In Oly
        • Enchant Protection (x17 Enchant Protections)
        • Logs (Chat Items GM everything)
        • L2WalkerProtection
        • GameGuardEnforce supported
        Admin Mods
        • Deport
        • Set Team
        • Watch Clan
        • Olympiad Points
        • Olympiad Stat
        • M* Hero
        • Phoenix Event Engine
        • HWID BAN
        • Send / Give Donate
        • Admin Quiet
        • Npc Chat Feature
        • Custom Admin Chat On Screen
        • Survey System
        • Auto Vote Reward For HopZone
        • Auto Vote Reward For TopZone
        • GameServer AutoRestart
        • Last Visit Information
        • Show the server name at login
        • Newbies welcome message on screen
        • Entering PM's
        • Custom spawn for mages and fighters
        • Custom starting title for new char
        • Announce name on login
          • Admin Clan Leader Hero Noble Aio Lords Newbies
        • Server time on login
        • Olympiad end time on login
        • Online players on login
        • Auto rewarder every X time
        • Automatic announces
        • Server News
        • Clan Notice
        • Mail System
        • Online (or plus fake) Players on login
        • Random Reward Box
        • PvP & Pk Name / Title Color System
        • PvP & Pk reward system
        • Emotions On Talk
        Community Board
        Official OR Custom Community Board
        • Castle
        • Clan
        • Heroes
        • Raid/Grand Bosses
        • Server Stats
        • Top Players
        • Buffer
        • Clan Cl*
        • Donation
        • Olympiad Stats
        • Party Matching System
        • P*word Changer
        • Problem Report
        • Repair Character
        • GM Shop
        • GateKeeper
        • Skill duration list
        • AIO System
        • VIP System
        • Smart StartUp System
        • Like dress me command but it also dress you
          • Character creation
          • Items of your choice
          • Class of your choice
          • Full level 80 and 100%
          • Finally teleports you in town
        • Keyboard Movement
        • Lucky Blessed Scrolls
        • All / Trade Chat System
        • PvPs / PKs to use store
        • Only registered Clan Ally can fight in Sieges
        • Full champion Mob's System

        Test Server (I try to keep him 24/7 Open)
        There is 2 ways to connect
        1. Download my L2.ini with my no-ip inside.
        2. Ddd inside your l2.ini this IP: l2connection.no-ip.org
        Problems on login? download this System

        Finally you are connected in the server and you can create a character.
        After you create a caracter you will login I have configured the server to apply all new comers with administrator priviledges automatically so you can test everything as an admin in the server.

        Since the beggining I have been helped to advertise and make look cooler my server
        Professional Website template with vote panel
        Custom Professional L2updater/Launcher

        So special thanks goes to
        DenArt Designs  8)
        And my precious developers ofc. :)
        My self for advertising with the best way.  :boss:
            My Skype is
            E-Mail: [email protected]
            price: 70€


        Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23457.0



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          Re: [WTS] Interlude Server Pack + Geodata + Backup 100% Files
          « Reply #1 on: May 08, 2015, 08:33:52 AM »
          Trusted and skilled, he installed the pack in my computer and we open the ports (I didnt know how to) and is very good person, good luck with your sales!!!!


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            Re: [WTS] Interlude Server Pack + Geodata + Backup 100% Files
            « Reply #2 on: May 13, 2015, 12:37:50 AM »

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